Venezuela crisis: Maduro claims VICTORY over coup plotters – ‘They MUST surrender’

Speaking to the nation, Maduro said rival Juan Guaido’s call for the military to rise up against his administration had failed and vowed those involved would be investigated. In a dramatic day in Venezuela, tensions between the two opposition leaders erupted. But according to The Guardian, Maduro said the actions of Mr Guaido and supporters “cannot go unpunished”.

He added: “All of those involved must surrender.”

Maduro also argued his government had worked with “nerves of steel, maximum serenity and effective action”.

His appearance was the first time Maduro had been seen since Mr Guaido’s plea to the nation’s army.

Earlier on Tuesday, US President Donald Trump issued a warning to Cuba, urging its military to leave Venezuela.

He said that a “full and complete embargo, together with the highest-level sanctions” would be placed on Cuba if they refused to do so.

On a day of rioting in the Venezuelan capital Caracas, at least 71 were injured.

With Cuba now active in Venezuela, which is also supported by the likes of Russia and China, Trump waded in on Twitter.

He wrote: “If Cuban troops and militia do not immediately cease military and other operations for the purpose of causing death and destruction to the Constitution of Venezuela, a full and complete embargo, together with the highest-level sanctions, will be placed on the island of Cuba.

“Hopefully, all Cuban soldiers will promptly and peacefully return to their island.”

Cuba’s foreign minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla tweeted that his nation was standing by Maduro.

Mr Guaido urged protesters and members of the military to join what he called the “final phase of Operation Liberty” in a video taken at La Carlota airbase in Caracas while surrounded by heavily-armed soldiers.

The United States is among some 50 countries that recognize Mr Guaido as Venezuela’s president, and has imposed sanctions to try to dislodge Maduro who they say won re-election last year through fraud.

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