5 Dermplaning Tools You Can Use At Home

Pricey skin care treatments you’d normally have done at a dermatologist or aesthetician’s office are becoming increasingly available to DIY at home. With the help of some nifty, effective devices, top-of-the-line treatments have never been so accessible. The skin care craze du jour is no exception — at-home dermaplaning tools are all the rage, so it’s easier than ever to get in on the trend.

In a pro’s office, dermaplaning is a procedure where your derm uses a 10-gauge scalpel to scrape a layer of dead skin off your face. It’s basically shaving, but with a sharp, single blade, barbershop style. Seems scary, but the results don’t lie: It’s excellent for exfoliating, getting rid of peach fuzz, and reducing signs of aging. This all adds up to smoother, glowier skin that’s easier to apply makeup on (but just as pretty to leave bare-faced, too).

As someone with a fear of blades and knives of all sorts, I get it — this sounds absolutely horrifying to try at home. Basically Sweeney Todd waiting to happen IRL. (Fun fact: I tried to get away with using hair removal cream on my legs instead of shaving in middle school because I was so terrified of cutting myself with a razor. I sucked it up when I decided the nasty smell and those chemical burn-esque vibes weren’t working for me.) Even so, the idea of anyone taking a guard-free razor to my face — especially myself, let alone a pro — had me saying hell naw.

But devices specifically designed for at-home use often have safety guards in place, easy-to-use designs, and basically make it as safe as possible for you to do it yourself. Here are five popular ones to fall in love with, no matter what your budget or comfort level is.

1. Michael Todd Dermaplaning Kit

Michael Todd Sonicsmooth At-Home Dermaplaning Kit, $99, Amazon

This comprehensive dermaplaning kit has all you need to get started: a honey and oat prep cleanser, a dermplaning device with eight single-use blades, and a soothing after-care gel.

2. StackedSkincare Dermaplaning Tool

StackedSkincare Dermaplaning Tool, $75, Amazon

A Bustle editor favorite, this dermaplaning tool has a sharp blade that doesn’t mess around (but a blade guard that makes it relatively at-home friendly, too).

3. Shiseido Facial Razor

Shiseido Facial Razor, $8, Amazon

These little razors have a near-cult following, and they’re a great on-the-cheap option.

4. Tweezerman Bright Complexion Facial Dermaplaner

Tweezerman Bright Complexion Facial Dermaplaner, $30, Macy’s

This dermaplaning tool comes in the perfect shade of millennial pink.

5. NOXZEMA About Face Sonic Beauty-Wand

NOXZEMA About Face Sonic Beauty-Wand, $10, Amazon

This device has its own twist on dermaplaning — it vibrates for 100 tiny pulses per second for extra exfoliating power. There’s a safety guard for added protection too, which I am clearly all about.

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