Are In-Home Beauty Services the Safer Alternative to Salon Visits Right Now?

As we continue to adjust to the shift in stay-at-home orders, we can’t help but wonder what some of the everyday activities we used to do without a second thought will look like — such as hair appointments, manicures, and dermatology visits. Over the last few months, we’ve become accustomed to staying in the comfort of our own homes, so it’s no wonder that we’ve been seeing more and more beauty professionals who are used to working in a salon making house calls to accommodate their clients during this time.

It begs the question: are at-home professional haircuts and manicures really a safer alternative to going into the salon? And what will those appointments look like in terms of safety protocol?

Companies like Glamsquad appear to be a natural solution to the aftermath of this pandemic. “For many, in-home services will provide peace of mind and less exposure to big groups than would be possible in the confines of a salon,” Amy Shecter, the CEO of in-home beauty service company Glamsquad, told POPSUGAR. “Through Glamsquad, clients can rest assured they are receiving a one-on-one service with a vetted and safety-trained professional, and minimal exposure to others in the safety of their own home, patio, or backyard.”

Where salons will have to implement new ways to allow customers to social distance indoors — by shutting down certain stations, putting up plastic guards, introducing contactless pay, and closing their waiting room — in-home services are one step ahead. By getting a beauty treatment at home, you remove many of the external factors that salons have.

Glamsquad has resumed business in Florida, where the state reopened nonessential businesses starting on May 4, but not without heightened safety measures to ensure both the pros and clients stay healthy.

“Safety and well-being is our number one priority,” Shecter said. “We have a strict new set of requirements for pros and customers, including required guidance on proper PPE, additional required certification for pros, and new cleaning and sanitizing protocols for before, during, and after each appointment.”

But just because the beauty service is happening in your home doesn’t mean you’ll get out of wearing a mask. For the safety of both you and the professional, clients will still need to wear masks during the service.

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