Bobbi Brown launches new clean makeup brand called Jones Road

There’s no denying the makeup industry is packed full of brilliant brands.

So, any newcomer needs to offer something different to stand out from the already-saturated crowd.

That’s why makeup artist Bobbi Brown (behind the company of the same name) has launched a new cosmetic brand with an important mission statement.

Jones Road has been built on the idea that the world doesn’t need more beauty products – but it does need better ones.

For this reason Jones Road is a ‘clean’ makeup brand, which means there are no phthalates, sulphates, petrolatum, PEGs, cyclic silicones, EDTA, or BPA.

In a recent IGTV, Bobbi said: ‘It’s about helping people understand how health and wellness is the most important thing and using makeup just so you look better.’

The collection currently includes a miracle balm, mascara, lipgloss and a startup beauty kit. The products are made with performance formulas that work on every skin type and tone. They’re also super simple to apply. 

Bobbi added: ‘When I say performance I don’t mean they stay on for four days, I mean that they work’

Available in four shades, the versatile miracle balm is made with jojoba and argan oil and is designed to be worn on cheeks, lips and eyes for a boost of colour.

The cruelty-free mascara, on the other hand, is ultra-pigmented for a dramatic look and the moisturising lipgloss comes in five different shades.

Meanwhile the start-up kit provides all the essentials for a natural, glowy look with a Just A Sec Eyeshadow in Golden Peach, The Best Eyeshadow in Dark Brown, The Best Pencil in Black and Cool Gloss in Original.

Currently, the range is currently only available in the USA, but hopefully it’ll be coming to the UK very soon.

Watch this space.

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