Colourist shows women how to embrace grey hair with stunning transformations

Lockdown has been the perfect moment for many women to embrace their natural grey hair – but the transition isn’t always easy.

Thankfully, one Californian hair colourist knows everything there is to know about going grey in style, and now he’s showing more women how to do it.

Jack Martin, who has a salon in Tustin, began his journey into the grey area just over three years ago when a client visited in need of help.

After years of dyeing her hair at home with box colours she was retiring and didn’t want the hassle of the upkeep any more.

The problem was that she couldn’t face growing it out and was considering cutting her hair off really short to solve the problem.

Instead, Jack decided to help her fall in love with her grey tresses and give the strands their shine back.

‘I said to her, give me a day and I’ll see what I can do,’ says Jack.

‘I wanted to get rid of as much of the old colour as possible but also leave it beautiful and stylish.’

Ten hours later, the client was in awe of her makeover, having gone from a dull look to much more vibrant hair – but still entirely grey.

Word quickly spread and Jack now has women from all over the world travelling to his salon to highlight their greys.

He wants to lift the stigma attached to having grey hair and make it a staple colour choice.

The trend is picking up global attention, with one woman travelling from Argentina just to get her hair done.

Jack says: ‘She got a cab from the airport with her suitcase, sat in my chair for 10 hours and then got a cab back to the airport to go home.’

With more than 30 years of experience as a hair stylist and colourist, Jack, who was born in Damascus, Syria, moved to Paris to train in the late 80s and then relocated to California in 1992.

At the beginning of every consultation, which he usually begins over video call and text, he finds out everything he can about his client, including their feelings about going grey.

‘I need to know to all about their job, how much time they spend outside, what sort of style they have – it’s all so important to tailoring the final look,’ he says.

‘I usually get each client to grow out around three to four inches of roots to see how the colours blend and then plan their look from there.’

In a series of before and after photos, women of different ages can be seen with their grey hairs sneaking through their heavily-dyed hair, before the locks are transformed into gorgeous shades of grey.

Some have tones of silver, white or black weaved into the shades, while others have a pure, glittering grey look.

‘It’s wonderful seeing these women fall in love with their hair again and watch their confidence come back,’ Jack adds.

‘Seeing the joy it brings. They often burst into tears at the end because they’re so happy.’

The colourist is beloved by celebrities too.

Jack transformed former X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne’s from red to soft grey, actress Andie MacDowell’s gorgeous silver locks and Jane Fonda’s ice cool pixie crop.

Jack has amassed tons of fans on Instagram, where he has more than 633,000 followers.

One of Jack’s colour corrections is currently up for Best Transformation of the Year at the Behind The Chair Awards, one of the most prestigious hair competitions in the world.

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