Desi Perkins just shared a clever trick for shaping and filling in your eyebrows quickly

Beauty influencer Desi Perkins just shared a genius brow trick that not only achieves clean, fluffy brows but also cuts down the amount of time it takes to fill them in.

The process of filling in brows is different for everybody. But whether you like your eyebrows thin with a sharp arch, thick and straight or feathered with prominent hair strokes, getting them levelled can be extremely difficult.

Now, we know how the saying goes: eyebrows are meant to be sisters, not twins. But when we stumbled across a clever brow hack by beauty influencer Desi Perkins, we realised just how easy it is to get levelled brows – and it really makes a huge difference.

Originally posting her brow trick on Instagram Stories, Perkins spoke through the steps in more detail in a recent YouTube video. “I did this thing on Insta Stories and you guys really wanted me to show it in a video and how to get my brows more even,” she explains.

For Perkins, one tool that has come particularly in handy are brow stencils. “You can get them on Amazon,” she says. “They’re awesome if you’re in a rush, if you have trouble doing your brows straight or just getting the shape right.”

Going into the tutorial, she explains why this trick makes such a big difference to your face. “You know how when you put one eyelash on one eye and then the angle of how you hold your hand when you put the eyelash on the other eye can sometimes make them go [lopsided]?” she says. “I feel like that’s what has been happening with my brows. One brow will go up and one goes straight, or it’s slightly off.”

“I was sitting there one day and was like: ‘I just need these two [starting points of my brows] to line up perfectly and then I can figure out the rest’,” Perkins explains. “So I took my brow stencil – you can use a business card, any flat edge that you have, use a box, use whatever – and hold it up to [the start of] your brows so you can get a straight line.”

Perkins then shows how she uses a piece of card to line up the bottom of her brows. She then moves the card up to mark where the top of her brows should sit. Once she has that point, Perkins uses a light-coloured brow powder and fills in the gap between her brows and the card with a fluffy brush. Once the card is removed, she has a starting point for the rest of her brows.

From here, Perkins uses her brow stencil to mark out the rest of her eyebrow but stresses that a stencil isn’t completely necessary. “You don’t even need the stencil,” she tells viewers. “If you want to just take your brow pencil, just follow [the line from your new starting point to your arch]”.

If you do have a brow stencil, Perkins says you should line it up along with your new starting point and then fill in the stencil with the same powder. Once that’s done, your eyebrows are fully mapped out.

Now, you could stop here but if you want more pronounced brows, Perkins follows up with a light brow pencil to further fill in the brows. Then, she takes a darker brow pencil for more definition.

“For the lower part of the brow, from the arch to [the start of the brows], you just want a straight line,” she says, running a brow pencil along sparse areas. To finish, she runs soap through the beginning half of her brows for a natural-looking, fluffy effect.

While it may sound like a lot of work, the actual process is very quick. Yet, you’ll still achieve clean, defined brows without having to painstakingly draw on individual hair-like strokes. Rushing to grab our debit card to give this a go…

How to fill in your eyebrows quickly

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