Help, I Can't Stop Staring at Lady Gaga's Braided Hair Bow

Help, I Can’t Stop Staring at Lady Gaga’s Braided Hair Bow

Confession: I may have booked a conference room at work just so I can stare at Lady Gaga’s latest hair look undisturbed — it’s that good. The “Joanne” singer stepped out in NYC on May 27 looking all kinds of fabulous in a full leopard-print ensemble, but even her boxy blazer and down-to-there pants hemline could not compete with the braided bow she sported on her head.

Gaga paired her whimsical half-up with gold glitter eye shadow and candy apple red lipstick, as one does. The novelty style is reminiscent of the corset braid she brought to the Grammys red carpet back in January, but just a bit more playful. Take a peek at her bow ahead, and try not to swoon over both Gaga’s cute updo and how excited one young fan was to see her. (Can you blame him?)

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