I Test Beauty Products for a Living — Here Are 6 Favorites I've Been Loving in August

I've been obsessed with all things beauty since middle school, back when my collection consisted of chalky eyeshadows from Claire's and lipsticks from the aisles of CVS. In the years since, both my knowledge and love for discovering new skincare, haircare, and makeup has greatly evolved, and I'm lucky to say it's still as much of a passion as it is my job as a beauty writer.

Over the past year, nearly every surface in my apartment has been littered with products I've been testing — but very few have actually passed the "hitting empty" test. Formulas that work for my acne-prone, sensitive skin and color-treated strands can be few and far between, but nevertheless I slather on new serums, creams, and foundations in the hopes of finding my next holy-grail. 

During the month of August, I discovered six of them. 

  • EltaMD UV Glow Tinted Moisturizer with SPF
  • Cocokind Sea Kale Clay Mask
  • Vegamour GRO Scalp Detoxifying Treatment 
  • Ole Henriksen Wrinkle Blur Bakuchiol Eye Gel Crème
  • Ilia Beauty True Skin Concealer 
  • Versed Skin Doctor's Visit Instant Resurfacing Mask 

Below you'll find the products I loved so much, I actually scraped, shook, and squeezed every last drop out of them — and then promptly reordered. 

EltaMD UV Glow Tinted Moisturizer with SPF

My skin breaks out everytime I wear sunscreen, so discovering the EltaMD UV Glow Tinted Moisturizer with SPF was like striking gold. Not only does the tinted formula instantly sink into my skin without feeling greasy, I've yet to have one blemish appear after a day of wearing it. The minimal coverage also provides the perfect base for makeup applications.

Shop now: $36, amazon.com

Cocokind Sea Kale Clay Mask

I may be in my mid-20's, but my skin never seemed to get the memo. I struggle to keep my acne-prone complexion happy, and therefore rely on a green clay mask for the moments when it's not, and as of late, that's been the Cocokind Sea Kale Clay Mask. Not only is it less messy to remove than most clay masks, but it doesn't leave my face ultra-dry and tight after every application. Instead, my skin is soft, smooth, and not the least bit inflamed. 

Shop now: $19, cocokind.com

Vegamour GRO Scalp Detoxifying Treatment 

If you're tired of an itchy scalp, the Vegamour Gro Scalp Detoxifying Treatment may be your saving grace. I work it into my scalp once a week with the Gro Revitalizing Scalp Massager, and can feel the cooling sensation melt away my concerns. Plus, the lightweight serum removes build-up from other hair products and protects the scalp from environmental aggressors, leading to healthy hair growth down the line. 

Shop now: $38, vegamour.com

Ole Henriksen Wrinkle Blur Bakuchiol Eye Gel Crème

I've been testing the Ole Henriksen Wrinkle Blur Bakuchiol Eye Gel Crème for longer than a month — a little bit goes a long way — but that's only given me more time to fall in love with the gel-like formula. The anti-aging eye cream contains bakuchiol ribbons, peptides, and orchid stem cells, which target anything from loss of elasticity to dark circles to uneven texture. If I skip a few applications, I immediately notice a difference in the state of my under-eyes. Let's just say the other four eye creams in my current rotation occupy the backburner.

Shop now: $49, sephora.com

Ilia Beauty True Skin Concealer 

The Ilia Beauty True Skin Concealer is what dreams are made of. Like an invisibility wand for your concerns, it instantly erases blemishes, dullness, and dark circles across the face like they never existed — all without appearing cakey or feeling heavy. It has a second-skin feel and an ultra-smooth finish that plays well with other products I layer on top, from cream blushes to powder bronzer. 

Shop now: $30, iliabeauty.com

Versed Skin Doctor’s Visit Instant Resurfacing Mask 

This Instant Resurfacing Mask is as fun to apply as it is to see the effective results it gives; the texture looks and feels like Jell-O, but is nothing short of substantial. After three to five minutes, I wash the mask off to reveal baby-soft skin and an overall brighter complexion. It really does work in a matter of minutes, and has quickly become the antidote I reach for on days when I look exhausted, haven't seen the sun, or need to shake off dullness. 

Shop now: $18, versedskin.com

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