Janet Jackson, 52, Looks Half Her Age On Cover Of ‘InStyle’ — See Pics

Janet Jackson looks absolutely stunning on the October cover of ‘InStyle’ and talks about body image and what makes her feel most beautiful. Click to see more gorgeous pics!

Janet Jackson, 52, is talking health and wellness in the October issue of InStyle, and says working with a personal trainer helps her mind and body. “It’s very important. First of all, it helped me with my pregnancy [with son Eissa, now 1]. When I was in New York, I was walking and doing stairs every day. The doctor said as long as you’re not feeling any pain or having any problems and it’s not too much for you, more power to you. It’s great exercise, releases those endorphins.” Like the rest of us, sometimes she lacks motivation. “I had major moments of slacking off and moments when I was going for it. So it depends on where I am or what I’m doing at that time in my life. Really, there are times when I just cannot get it in. And I’ll say, ‘OK, you’ve got to get up at 5 in the morning to do this.’ But when you go to bed at 2, that’s not good. There have been times when I’ve called [trainer Paulette Sybliss] and said, ‘I’m not going to make the workout.’”

Janet recently lost a ton of weight, and looks better than ever after having her baby. On tour, she is fit and strong. She says she eats a clean diet. “I don’t eat meat anymore, just fish occasionally and veggies.” For her cheat food? “I love catfish. I love a fried fish. But I’m also crazy about grilled fish. I love Snickers.” As far as growing up in the spotlight, Janet can remember feeling pressure to look a certain way, even as a young girl. “I remember growing up and being in this business was always this important thing. Because it was the thing. And you had to be a certain size, you had to be thin to be an entertainer. Stupid crap like that. That’s just this business I’m in. I think it’s changed, thank God. People are more accepting of others. Which is the way it should’ve been from the jump. That can really mess with you.”

Janet says she feels most beautiful, now, as a mom. “I feel like I’m being corny here, but it’s just the honest truth: I feel most beautiful when I’m with my son, because of the gift that God has given me and that he allowed me to do so at that age. My baby is so sweet and so healthy, so happy and so full of love.”

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