Kim Kardashian's hairstylist shares hack to create perfect messy bun

Ah, the humble messy bun. 

Chic, sophisticated but impossible to pull off correctly, what appears to be an easy hairstyle is in actuality a nightmare. 

It very easily can move into disheveled chaos and there is no way to calm the mess. 

Thankfully, one hairstylist to the stars has shared a hack that will make creating a messy bun a simple daily task. 

Hairstylist Chris Appleton has Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez on his list of regular clients and is a qualified expert in all things hair. 

He regularly shares handy tips and tricks on his social media channels and his latest is a super-fast and effective way to create a stylish bun. 

Posting the video to Instagram and TikTok, Appleton shows viewers a very simple technique that will work on thick and fine hair. 

He describes it as the ‘easiest hair hack to create the perfect messy bun.’ 

First he tells users to split hair down the middle and create two high ponytails. 

‘On the last loop of your ponytail, just pull the hair through to a bun,’ he explains. 

‘Once you’ve got two buns, you want to cross them over and pin them into place. I then use the Colour Wow Style on Steroids Texturising Spray just to give the hair a bit of volume and a bit of hold. 

‘Then, I just took the very ends of the hair in and pin it into place.’

With the bun in place, the hair guru also has some extra advice. 

‘This is where you get to personalise it a bit and make it a bit fuller and then I like to dress out the baby hairs.

‘Pull it out so it’s all a bit wispy and a bit soft and you get that perfect messy bun in just a few minutes. 

‘Like I said, perfect for thin or thick hair.’

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