Kris Jenner Is Taking over Kylie Cosmetics & People Are Freaking Out — See Wild Tweets

Kylie Cosmetics has been HACKED by none other than her own mother! Kris Jenner’s in charge of the makeup brand until Mother’s Day and there’s nothing Ky can do about it. See the most hilarious reactions to the ‘rebranding’ here!

Are you ready for Kris Cosmetics? For the next five days, Kris Jenner, 62, has taken over daughter Kylie Jenner‘s makeup brand to release her own collection. After all, it’s going to be Mother’s Day soon! Why not treat herself? Kris released an amazing video on Instagram that shows her pulling up to the company in a Rolls Royce, crossing out Kylie’s name, and taking a seat on a throne. The queen has arrived! Needless to say, fans are absolutely losing it over the takeover.

“Dying at the @KrisJenner and @KylieJenner makeup collab names,” a fan tweeted. “This is legendary,” tweeted another. But mostly, they’re posting iconic Kris Jenner gifs and memes showing her best moments from Keeping Up With The Kardashians. “Never wanted anything more in my life than the @kriscosmetics collection. Just to have a highlighter called “it’s snowing pussy willows”. That is funny af! Yes, Kris’ upcoming “Boss” palettes have eyeshadows, highlighters, and lip colors all named after her most famous quotes. The face palette itself is covered in Kimojis of her head — and it’s called “You’re Doing Amazing Sweetie”. OMG!

The highlighters are called: It’s Snowing Pussy Willows, Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees, I Raised You On Mac And Cheese, and…Your Sister Is Going To Jail. This is the funniest thing we’ve ever seen. The eyeshadow palette is equally amazing. Shades include: I Love Myself, Does It Come In Black, Talent, It’s An Emergency, and Vodka Tonic. We’re absolutely obsessed.

As for when the Kris Cosmetics collection becomes available to buy, no word yet. But you better believe that we’ll be waiting patiently to buy literally everything. Kris: you’re doing amazing, sweetie.

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