Mandy Moore Just Debuted a Radical New Hair Style for One Night Only

Mandy Moore might not think she’s “meant to be a blonde,” as she said in an interview with Refinery 29 last year, but there’s strong new evidence she’s meant to have bangs. On Wednesday evening, Moore joined the likes of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Emmylou Taylor, Seal, and others to celebrate Joni Mitchell’s 75th birthday. A sea of attendees showed off different interpretations of the event’s suggested “Boho chic” attire—none more than Moore, with her brand-new curtain bangs that looked fresh out of a French New Wave film.

Moore took to Instagram the next day to rave about the evening—and her new look. (Spoiler alert, it’s very, very temporary. Like Bella Hadid's recent experimentation with bangs, they're clip-ins.) “When the suggested attire is ‘Boho Chic,’ you show up (and you clip in some fake, feathery bangs for the occasion),” she wrote. She definitely showed up: In addition to the new bangs, she opted for wispy, feathery lashes and a crocheted beige dress with a tie waist and button-up bodice by Proenza Schouler. “Honestly, I’m reeling from one of the most monumental evenings if my life: in the audience watching an outstanding group of artist perform Joni Mitchell’s music in celebration of her 75th Birthday- for the madame herself. An entire evening of goosebumps. Sorry for squeezing your leg so many times and whispering “this song is my faaaaaavorite,” she went on, directing the last part at her hair stylist, Ashley Streicher. “Bucket list.”

View on Instagram

View on Instagram

Streicher also posted the look to her own account: “Channeling 70’s Laurel Canyon vibes,” she wrote, hashtagging the post “#birkinbangs.” Streicher was also responsible for Moore’s blonde transformation earlier this year (both she and the actress have since deleted their posts of the look, but it was widely covered at the time) along with celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham. Moore might have said in the same Refinery 29 interview that she’s not a blonde, but she also said she’s “not a bangs girl.” Still, she could be, at least for a night.

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