Scott Disick Rocks Blonde Buzz Cut On Shopping Date With Amelia Hamlin: Before & After Pics

Scott Disick has undergone his fourth major hair makeover within a month. The ‘KUWTK’ star was seen sporting a blonde buzzcut while out and about with Amelia Hamlin.

Bye-bye long hair, and hello again to blonde. Scott Disick, 37, was seen rocking a blonde buzzcut while enjoying a shopping date with his girlfriend, 19-year-old model Amelia Hamlin, with friends and security at Maxfield in West Hollywood on March 22. The sides of his new ‘do were faded, and the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star left a crop of hair in the middle that was freshly dyed platinum.

Scott Disick ditches the pink and returns to platinum. He’s pictured here with his blonde hair makeover while shopping with Amelia Hamlin in West Hollywood on March 22, 2021. [BACKGRID]

The new haircut appeared to be a modification of Scott’s “Papi Cut” that he debuted on March 3. For that makeover, the sides of Scott’s head were also buzzed. Instead of short blonde hair, though, the father of three sported a much longer mohawk that was dyed a bright pink shade.

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Scott first made the switch to bubblegum hair in early February. He debuted the funky color just five days after Valentine’s Day, which was an unexpected beauty move from the normally brunette Talentless founder. At one point, though, the pink faded to a fuchsia-tinted blonde before Scott dyed his hair again for the “Papi Cut.”

Scott’s pink phase wasn’t a total shock: he first made the decision to ditch his natural brown locks and dye them platinum blonde earlier that month. Scott showed off his blonde ‘do to the world on Feb. 11, when he stepped out for a romantic stroll on a Miami beach with Amelia.

Before the “Papi Cut,” Scott Disick was seen here with faded pink hair in Miami on March 3, 2021. Amelia Hamlin is pictured behind him. [MEGA]

Scott’s new buzzcut means that he has now changed up his hair a total of four times since February! Clearly, the E! star was getting bored of his brunette hair. Scott’s temporary pink phase between his two blonde dye jobs, however, was a spontaneous decision, according to Miami-based celebrity barber Luis Rivera. At the time, Scott simply wanted to touch up his already blonde hair.

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Scott Disick’s bright pink hair makeover from Feb. 2021. [Courtesy of Instagram/@elboribarber]

“I did Scott’s hair because he sent me a DM asking to get a haircut with me and that’s how I had the opportunity to do his hair. It was my first time doing his haircut and color. He first asked for platinum blonde but when he found out that I did pink hair on Maluma he said he liked it, and that he wanted his hair like that,” Luis EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “And we made it happen. Pink is very trendy right now so we decided to do it.”

Scott Disick is pictured here with his original brunette hair in Sept. 2019. [Shutterstock]

And how did Scott’s girlfriend react to the pink? “[Amelia] was there and she loved it too,” Luis revealed. “It made me feel really good. I would like to thank Scott for treating me right and for being a special person.” It looks like Scott and Amelia are ready to embrace the blonde now, though.

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