Tessica Brown Finally Got the Gorilla Glue Out of Her Hair

If you’ve been on the internet in the last week, you probably came across the story of Tessica Brown, a 40-year-old woman from Louisiana. Her viral TikTok video with 167,000 comments and millions of views reveals that she used spray-on Gorilla Glue—a permanent adhesive—on her ponytail instead of her usual Got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Hairspray. She tried to get the glue out on her own, but her ponytail would not budge. She came to the internet to simply ask for help, and the internet exploded. Here, everything you need to know about the #GorillaGlueGirl saga.

Why Did She Use Gorilla Glue In Her Hair?

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight’s Melicia Johnson, Brown explained that she resorted to Gorilla Glue in a pinch, as she was in a rush to leave her house. She figured that once she got back home, she’d be able to wash it out—but that wasn’t the case. In a second video, Brown puts shampoo on her head, showing that not only is the shampoo not penetrating, but she’s able to easily wipe off the shampoo with a towel.


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Prior to asking the internet for advice, Brown called on her mother and sisters for help, trying a variety of oils to try and rid her hair of the hard-turned substance, but with little success. “The reason I took it to social media, was because I didn’t know what else to do,” Brown told Johnson. “And I knew somebody out there could tell me something. I didn’t know when I woke up in the morning that it would be everyone.”

What Did The World Have To Say?

The internet has been up in arms. Some people are dumbfounded; sharing deeply empathetic sentiments and sending her well wishes. Others are highly critical of how and why she got herself into this situation. Really, no matter where you stand, you are likely invested in keeping tabs on how Brown is doing.

So What Did Gorilla Glue Say?

In addition to tens of thousands of people offering Brown their two cents, there was a fake Gorilla Glue Instagram account that emerged giving Brown advice. The real Gorilla Glue did reply: “This is not our account, please do not follow this information.” On Friday, the company responded to a request from my newsletter, BEAUTY IRL: “If her hair has truly been glued down to her scalp and immobile for a month with that many aggressive attempts to wash it out, it is possible her hair is fractured at the root but we certainly hope for the best.” But they didn’t release an official statement until five days after Brown’s story went viral.

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