These 18 Concealers Are So Gosh Darn Good, You Might Skip Foundation

Best Concealer For Acne

While we’re likely to switch out our lipstick with our mood, one part of our makeup routine tends to stay constant: when we find the best concealer for us, we’re willing to settle down for a long-term relationship.

Ideally, the best option is one that can cover redness, blemishes, and evidence of insomnia all in one tube, with the help of an easy-to-apply applicator. Plus, it better have a great range of shades. Luckily there are a multitude of options on the makeup market, from affordable drugstore finds to luxurious options that have packaging worthy of being left out on your vanity.

If you haven’t found “the one” yet, don’t worry. We’ve tried dozens of products and have rounded up only the best concealers ahead.

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