These are the most searched for hairstyles of 2022 so far

Beauty is back and consumers are spending their cash on hair, makeup and all things self-care. 

Global beauty sales are predicted to exceed 2019 levels this year with consumers supporting the industry’s recovery with a new hair colour, cut or style.  

People want to feel confident and look good and hair plays a big part in that journey. 

But what styles have been trending in 2022 so far? 

Well, data analysts at hair brand Milk + Blush have conducted some intensive keyword research to find out what Brits have been searching for the most since January. 

Curtain bangs

According to Google, curtain bangs are the currently most searched for style.

With 90,500 monthly searches on average this year, residents in Northern Ireland are the biggest fans.

Adopted by stars such as Billie Eilish and JLo and influencers like Matilda Djerf, this classic style is the perfect way to frame a face and add a feminine touch to your look.

The best part about this style is that it works on any length of hair and suits most face shapes. 

Bottleneck bangs

A hybrid between full and grown out fringes, bottleneck bangs have been worn by the likes of Alexa Chung and Margot Robbie.

A ‘pared back’ curtain bang, this style of fringe starts off narrower towards the centre of the forehead and becomes wider and longer as it skims the cheekbones. 

On average, this look has been searched for a whopping 14,500 times so far and is primarily favoured in Scotland.

Hair braids

The third most searched style so far in 2022 are hair braids, with 12,100 average monthly searches.

‘Baby braids’ – as seen on Hayley Beiber and Zoe Kravitz – are particularly popular and will suit all textures, lengths and styles.

Effortless, stylish and with a boho feel, these are sure to be hit over the coming spring/summer months. 

French bob

Oozing French-girl cool, the French bob has become the hairstyle of the moment. Typically shorter than your standard chin-length bob, the real differentiator is length, texture and it’s always paired with a fringe.

Most suited to oval, long and heart-shaped faces, it has had 8,100 monthly searches and a 179% increase in interest over the last year. 

Ponytail extensions

While there has been a lot of hype around shorter hairstyles this year, the sleek high ponytail is still here to stay.

Following in the footsteps of superstar Ariana Grande, you can add length and volume to your ponytail with a clip-in for a more dramatic look.

And they are proving popular as glam nights return, because ponytail extensions have been searched for 5,400 times a month on average this year. 

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