Watch Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson Kick a Bodybuilder in the Calf as Hard as He Can

Houston, you have a problem.

Bodybuilder Houston Jones isn’t just an athlete and YouTuber; he’s also a glutton for punishment. After taking a series of brutal kicks to his hamstrings from professional fighter Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson in a viral video last year, Jones set out to redeem himself by going up against the MMA powerhouse again and getting punched repeatedly in the abs. And now, because apparently he refuses to learn any kind of lesson, Jones is subjecting himself to even more leg kicks from Thompson—this time, to the calf.

“How much power can you give me before your shin breaks?” He asks Thompson at the top of the video, referring to the time they had to cut one of their Jackass-esque exercises short as the UFC pro was developing pain and had a fight coming up.

To start off, Wonderboy demonstrates exactly how brutal this scenario is going to be for Jones’ body, by delivering a full-power roundhouse kick to a padded shield—which still very nearly manages to knock Jones to the mat. Then he kicks Jones without a shield, starting low, on what he deems 15 percent of his full power.

“Why does it feel like I have a small ball forming in my calf?” Jones asks.

“It’s the muscle protecting itself,” says Thompson. “But you signed the waiver, so everything’s good.”

He moves up to 50 percent power for his next kick, and Jones promptly falls to the floor. “I farted,” he says, sheepishly, although Thompson assures him that’s a totally “natural reaction.”

By the time Thompson reaches 75 percent of his full strength, Jones is letting out some pretty primal-sounding screams. He’s also curious as to how his foot is in so much pain, when that isn’t where he’s getting kicked.

“It’s the nerves, it’s all connected,” says Thompson. “Your foot will probably go numb.”

“It’s fine,” Jones protests. “Just don’t touch it again, OK?”

Two weeks later, Jones provides an update on how he is recovering from the ordeal. While much of the bruising and discoloration in his calf has healed, he admits that his foot is still incredibly tender. “My ankle mobility is pretty shit right now,” he says. “Should I be concerned?”

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