We tried Lisa Eldridge’s new lipstick and these are our honest thoughts

Renowned make-up artist Lisa Eldridge has launched a range of lipsticks, glosses and liners. Here’s how the Stylist beauty team got on when they tried them. 

Despite the constant stream of new make-up launches, a sure sign to sit up and listen is when a launch comes from a well-known make-up artist. Why? Because those artists are the people who use an array of products day in, day out; they know what makes a good eyeliner, blusher, mascara or lipstick.

They’re the people who scrutinise formulas, put them through their paces and make sure that not only do models look good, whether that’s on the cover of a magazine or on huge billboards across the world, but also that those products look just as good in real life, on catwalks and red carpets. Above all, the products have to work. They’re the real experts when it comes to sussing out what exactly is a cut above the rest. 

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So that’s why, when we heard that iconic make-up artist Lisa Eldridge – who’s worked with the likes of Dua Lipa, Cara Delevingne, Winnie Harlow, Victoria Beckham and Rihanna to name a few – was expanding her range of lip products, we were more than interested.

From lipsticks that look and feel like velvet, to glossy tints and densely pigmented liners, Eldridge has created a capsule collection of must-have lip products to suit every skin tone. Here, the Stylist beauty team put one of the best sellers from the range – True Velvet Lip Colour in Velvet Ribbon, £26 – to the test. Here’s how they got on.

  • Shannon Peter, beauty director

    Try as I might, I’m just not a lipstick person. It always feels way too formal for my signature scruffy style and I also struggle to avoid smudging it all over my face and on my clothes. But one look at the bullet of this lipstick and I vowed to give lipstick a second chance. I know everybody says this about their favourite matte lipstick, but this one truly doesn’t drag as you apply it, nor is it in any way drying. The bullet looks like the exact texture of velvet, which translates to a plump, powdery finish on the lips, and I really love the colour: a true red that really warms the complexion. So for this lipstick I shall persevere, even if I have already smudged it down my chin.

  • Lucy Partington, beauty editor

    I love the idea of red lipstick, I like applying it and taking a selfie, but when it comes to actually wearing it outside the four walls of my bedroom, well that’s a different story. I can’t be doing with the constant mirror checks, the smudging and the fear of having it around my mouth or on my teeth, making me look like I’d just eaten a messy spaghetti bolognese. But not only do Lisa’s lipsticks look so visually satisfying – honestly, no picture will ever do that bullet justice, it’s looks like pure velvet – but they’re also a dream to a apply, despite the matte finish it glides easily across lips, doesn’t bleed or transfer, and instead of drying down into a flat, solid shade it still has dimension and an ever-so-slight sheen that makes it look a whole lot more flattering and feels super comfortable. I finished by blurring the edges with a cotton bud slightly, something I’ve heard make-up artists say to do, and now I can see why – it makes the whole look feel a bit more lived in and more nonchalant, which I’m very into. Plus, the actual shade of red is perfect: a brilliant true red (that definitely makes teeth appear whiter) that genuinely suits everybody. I love it and I want to wear it all the time. 

  • Hanna Ibraheem, senior beauty writer

    I have a slight fear when it comes to red lipstick in the daytime – it feels too bold and out there – but come nighttime or a special event? I’m all over it, particularly with a shade like this. Velvet Ribbon is the perfect medium red and has blue undertones, which work well at perking up the appearance of my skin. As for the formula, the creamy bullet glided across my lips with zero dragging and dried down into a smooth, comfortable finish. While iit has a slight sheen that makes the colour pop, it isn’t a glossy sheen. This means there’s no slip and no risk of smudging or bleeding – something I can attest to a hearty lunch later.

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Main image: Shannon Peter/Hanna Ibraheem/Lucy Partington

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