Why bright eyes are shaping up as one of 2019’s biggest beauty trends

Electric-blue eyeshadow is synonymous with clumsy first make-up attempts and those parts of the 1970s and '80s we've chosen to forget – and perhaps the reason why so many of us opt for natural make-up looks instead. But according to beauty mogul Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty, the colour-popping eyeshadows are back: think purple, yellow and, yes, electric blue.

It's a look that celebrities including Rihanna, Lady Gaga have eagerly adopted, as well as Lily Collins and Sophie Turner at this May's Met Gala in New York.

For a colourful statement, try one of this year’s biggest trends:monochromatic make-up. Credit:snapperimages.com

"I consider bold-coloured shadow to be an accessory, in a way," says Kattan, who has 38 million Instagram followers. She says it's all about making a statement in your own way while accentuating your natural eyes.

While playing with bright tones can feel daunting, celebrity make-up artist Tre Dallas has employed the same secret weapon for nearly two decades: a colour wheel. "You can do the opposite, like using red pigment with green eyes, if you want them to stand out," he explains.

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Kattan agrees. "For green eyes, reddish undertones found in red, pink, purple and bronze will enhance your colour and dimensions," she says. "Similarly, earth-toned shades like bronze, red, orange and plum have the same effect on blue eyes." And for brown eyes? Kattan suggests opting for jewel-tones, with the best choices being purples and blues.

In terms of application, Kattan says it is crucial to lay down a primer base which will act like a magnet and prevent smudging and any fallout. "One of my favourite tips to make your shadow pop is to apply a layer of concealer on your lids before application," Kattan says.

"Follow this with a lighter shadow base, blending out from the inner corner across the entire lid. Then, with a shadow brush, blend a darkertoned shadow in a circular motion from the outer corner towards the crease. Continue softening by blending out until an even gradient is created close to the inner corner. The further you blend, the more dramatic it will be."

For Zoe Boikou, the brains behind the Zoeva brand, to create an all-round colourful statement it's best to employ one of this year's biggest trends: monochromatic make-up. This means sticking to "eyeshadow, lipstick and even a nail shade from the same family," she says. Kattan agrees, adding that neon is having a moment as well.

Dallas suggests using "balance and enhancement" to ensure the look doesn't become a colour explosion. "I would do one popping eyeshadow or line with mascara and keep the skin and cheeks neutral, with a hint of colour, like nude on the lip," he says. "If you're worried about colour going into your fine lines, invest in a primer and stick to matte colours, rather than line-accentuating shimmers."

And if you're after an alternative to glitter shadows, Dallas offers two solutions. "You can wet your eyeshadow with water or setting spray, press an angle brush into it and then create a striking line," he says. "Otherwise, colour liquid eyeliner with a neutral eyeshadow is another way to follow the trend without going as extreme as a couture show."

Kattan agrees that balance is key when it comes to an everyday colour look. But her most important tip? Have fun, no matter your age. "When it comes to age, I say there are no limits," she says. "Everyone should feel comfortable playing with colour."

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