11 Pics Of Celebrity Kids Going Back To School: The Gosselins, Riley Curry & More

Their parents might be A-listers, but these tykes are starting school just like every other kid! The only difference? Their milestone moments rack up millions of likes. Take a look at each sweet back-to-school shots!

There’s nothing like going back to school! From buying school supplies to picking out that perfect first day ‘fit, it can be a fun time of year for kindergarteners and high-schoolers alike — and the same goes for celebrity kids. Just because they grow up in Hollywood with A-list parents doesn’t mean that their moms and dads don’t make them pose for photos every year just like the rest of us. In fact, that’s exactly what these stars did, and we’re SO glad because their kids are too stinking cute for words — especially the ones who were a little hesitant to leave home! The shot of Dax Shephard‘s daughter Lincoln, 5, hugging him tight before her first day of kindergarten is a heart-melter, and the same goes for the one of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend‘s oldest Luna, 2, looking at a family photo album to make herself feel better. It doesn’t get any sweeter than that…

Wondering what celebrity kids wear to school? Turns out, not the designer duds you would think. Many of them, including Jamie Lynn Spears‘s daughter Maddie, 10, and Steph and Ayesha Curry‘s oldest Riley, 6, wore uniforms. But — as you might have guessed — they brought all kinds of sass and personality to the basic ensembles, as did the ones who had the freedom to wear what they wished! Katherine Heigl‘s daughters Adalaide, 6, and Nancy, 9, chose to match with cat ear headbands. Even the oldest members of the Gosselin brood, twins Mady and Cara, 17, coordinated in slightly different maroon dresses. Most of the munchkins sported similar smiles on their excited little faces, we hope they wore those grins all day long.

So check out the gallery above for this year’s cutest back to school pics! Just be warned — you will be left with some questions. Like, why did one Gosselin girl take a separate photo without her sibs and in a different uniform? And is it too soon for 15-month old Boomer Phelps to join the swim team?

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