Al Pacino Dubbed Gross After Dinner Date With Mick Jaggers 28-Year-Old Ex Noor Alfallah

The Jimmy Hoffa depicter in ‘The Irishman’ is being criticized after he’s photographed exiting Felix Restaurant following a swanky dinner with the brunette beauty, who is five decades younger than him.

AceShowbizAl Pacino is facing criticism after he was caught having a date night with a younger female companion. The Jimmy Hoffa depicter in “The Irishman” was dubbed “gross” after he was seen enjoying dinner with Mick Jagger‘s ex Noor Alfallah.

On Saturday night, April 9, the 81-year-old actor was photographed exiting Felix Restaurant after enjoying a swanky dinner with the 28-year-old model. In photos surfacing online, he was spotted leaving in the same car together after she smoked a cigarette outside.

For the night outing, Al looked dapper in his black ensembles. He wore a black shirt that he paired with matching pants as well as a black velvet jacket. To complete his look, he added a pair of black sneakers.

In the meantime, Noor matched him in a black leather jacket, lace-trimmed tank as well as skintight leggings. The model, who split from The Rolling Stones frontman in 2017, also donned a pair of black leather boots.

Upon learning of the news, social media critics were quick to dub the actor “gross” as he dated Noor, who is more than 50 years younger than him. “Omg this is so gross,” one person commented on Twitter. Another chimed in, “What’s a 81 year old man DOING with a 28 year old woman???”

“Creepy old man takes woman young enough to be his great granddaughter to dinner,” a separate social media user sarcastically opined. “It’s actually pretty disgusting,” penned someone else.

However, Noor didn’t seem to be that bothered by the age gap as she previously dated Mick. “Our ages didn’t matter to me,” she said of her relationship with Mick, “The heart doesn’t know what it sees, it only knows what it feels. It was my first serious relationship, but it was a happy time for me.” The brunette beauty added that Mick, who is already a great-grandfather, is still in “great shape” as saying, “[He’s] much fitter than I am. I really respect that he is so disciplined.”

As for Al, he has a long list of ex-lovers and past flings but has never married. In 2020, the Oscar-winning actor broke up with Israeli actress Meital Dohan due to their four-decade age gap. Prior to dating Meital, Al had a decade-long relationship with Argentine actress Lucila Sola, whose daughter Camila Morrone has been dating Leonardo DiCaprio since 2017.

Al previously dated the likes of Diane Keaton, Jill Clayburgh, Penelope Ann Miller, Kathleen Quinlan and Lyndall Hobbs. “The Godfather” star is a father of three. He shares 21-year-old twins Olivia and Anton with his ex Beverly D’Angelo, whom he dated for seven years before breaking up in 2003. He also has 32-year-old producer daughter Julie Marie with his former acting coach Jan Tarrant.

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