Amy Duggar Defies Jim Bob: My Son Can Play With Dolls If He Wants!

As you’ve probably already heard, we’re in the midst of a full-blown Duggar baby boom.

No fewer than 5 Duggar women are pregnant at the moment, and insiders say Jim Bob and Michelle couldn’t be happier about it.

Of course, the Duggars practice strict conformity in all things, so the patriarch and matriarch can rest assured that their daughters will raise their kids in pretty much the same way that they themselves were raised.

But they don’t have quite as much control over the way their niece will raise her forthcoming bundle of joy.

Yes, along with four of her cousins, Amy Duggar is currently pregnant.

And in case anyone doubted that her rebellious spirit would remain intact as she embarks upon the adventure of motherhood, she set the record straight with a recent Instagram exchange:

“Just embracing my cool boy mom style!” Amy captioned the above photo.

“I can handle dirt, fishing, hunting, I love the outdoors and camping and canoeing and little critters!” she added.

“But I swear if my son ever brings me a snake or picks up a rat I will lose it!!”

It wasn’t long before one of Amy’s followers pointed out that Amy’s son might not be into any of those things.

“Amy, what if your son wants to dress up or play with dolls? Is that OK too?”

Fortunately, Amy was quick to reply with the correct answer, writing:

“We will love our child no matter what!” 

Now, Duggar fans are generally thought of as a highly conservative bunch.

But as In Touch Weekly points out Amy’s response received an outpouring of support:

“TBH Amy has ALWAYS come off to me as the far more accepting ‘Duggar family member’ and I truly believe her when she says WE WILL LOVE HIM NO MATTER WHAT,” one person wrote.

“Aww you’re gonna be the best, most amazing mom ever!” another replied.

As for what Jim Bob thought of Amy’s response, that remains unclear.

We know he frequently disapproves of his niece’s choices — such as her decision to have secular music and dancing at her wedding.

And we know the Duggars are very big on the enforcement of traditional gender roles, to the point that Jill’s husband was willing to lose his job just so that he could harass a transgender teen on Twitter.

So it’s safe to assume Jim Bob is not big on young boys playing with dolls.

Fortunately for everyone involved, this time, he has no say in the matter!

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