Angelina Pivarnick Receives MASSIVE Settlement In Sexual Harassment Suit!

Well, we know all about the drama in Angelina Pivarnick’s life that takes place on camera.

But few Jersey Shore fans realized she’s been fighting a high-stakes legal battle for several years now.

According to legal documents obtained by E! News, Pivarnick — who works as an EMT in Staten Island — recently sued Lt. Jonathan Schechter and the City of New York for sexual harassment.

She alleged that Schechter was one of two supervisors who subjected her to a “sexually hostile work environment” for more than a year between 2017 and 2018. 

“The sexual harassment that Pivarnick experienced included repeated and unwelcome sexual advances, degrading comments about her body, vulgar sexual comments, inappropriate questions about her private relationships and, in one instance, the groping of an intimate part of her body without her consent,” reads a filing from Angelina’s lawyers.

At one point, Angelina was assigned “light duty” at the station due to an injury, and it was during this time that she was harassed by a different supervisor named Lt. David Rudnitzky.

In court, her lawyers submitted text messages sent by Schechter to Angelina while he was her supervisor.

“Your ass looked amazing and I wish I wasn’t working or in uniform because I definitely would’ve kissed those amazing lips,” read one text.

According to her initial complaint, in May 2018, Schechter groped Pivarnick’s buttock and “made contact with her vaginal area.”

In a settlement reached on Monday, Pivarnick was awarded $350,000 by the FDNY — a considerable sum, but hardly just compensation for the abuse that she endured.

At the time her suit was filed, Angelina released the following statement to E! News:

“I suffered severe sexual harassment while working for EMS and was retaliated against by my management when I complained internally.

“It should go without saying that what I experienced has nothing to do with television or entertainment.

“Like all women, I am entitled to be treated with dignity and respect at work, and I should not have to accept unwanted sexual advances, crude comments about my body, or physical assault.

“Going forward, at the instruction of my lawyers, I will not be commenting about this case further except as required in court.”

When news of her settlement went public this week, Angelina spoke out a second time:

“I said when the case was filed that it had nothing to do with television or entertainment and that remains true,” she wrote in a statement.

“Sexual harassment is serious and has devastating consequences for so many women. It has for #MeToo,” Pivarnick added.

“Although I experienced horrendous treatment at EMS, I’m pleased with the resolution of my case and I look forward to using my voice to speak about the need to protect all women from sexual harassment.” 

These days, Angelina is married to Chris Larangeira.

Her wedding became one of the most infamous events in Shore history, thanks to inappropriate comments made by Angelina’s castmates during their bridesmaids’ speech.

At the time, Pivarnick received public backlash, with some fans accusing her of overreacting to mere jokes.

Hopefully, this suit will cause more viewers to realize what sort of headspace Pivarnick was in at the time the speech was delivered.

Clearly, this is a woman who knows bullying — and it seems she’s made up her mind that she won’t stand for it in any form.

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