Ariana Grande Breaks Down in Tearful Interview about the Manchester Arena Bombing

Ariana Grande was overwhelmed by emotions when talking about her single, “Get Well Soon,” from her new album Sweetener on Ebro’s Beats 1 Radio show. At the Friday recording, the “God Is a Woman” singer broke into tears and had difficulty speaking as she struggled to explain how the song, inspired by the May 2017 Manchester Arena bombing, not only had a message for people like those traumatized in Manchester, but also for others suffering from various forms of anxiety-related disorders.

We have the video from the emotional interview, as well as a gallery of pictures from the show, below.

Through tears, Ariana said

I just felt it was important to give people a hug, musically. And so, like, the lyrics can be kind of corny. Talking about wanting to hug you and stuff. But I really do. People got to be nicer … people are permanently affected by this sh*t and it’s just, like, perspective. It changes everything. It changes your life quite a bit.

But Ariana also stated how afraid she has become. She explained that she wants to set an example for her fans who are “fearless” for showing up at events, and not give in to those who try to control others through violence. However, she admitted, “the truth is that it is f**ing scary.”

The events of the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing, where 22 people were killed and many more injured, have clearly have left a huge mark on Ariana as a person. Less than a month after the incident, she organized the One Love benefit concert in Manchester with the help of Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Niall Horan and others.

But as recently as June of this year, Ariana opened up to British Vogue about her continued struggle with PTSD from her experiences at the bombing.

(Image source: Youtube, Beats 1 Instagram Account, Ariana Grande Instagram Account)


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