Bella Hadid Defends Complicated Decision to Rejoin Victorias Secret After Sexual Harassment

Yolanda Hadid’s youngest daughter insists Victoria’s Secret ‘has changed so drastically’ ever since Ed Razek left following ‘misogyny, bullying and harassment’ accusations.

AceShowbizBella Hadid is back to working with Victoria’s Secret. The model previously denounced the brand after it was revealed she was among the sexual harassment victims by then-top executive Ed Razek, but now she has rejoined the company.

Calling her decision “very complicated,” Bella suggested Victoria’s Secret was no longer a place where harassment was rampant. “What magnetized me to coming back was them coming to me and really proving to me that, behind the scenes, Victoria’s Secret has changed so drastically,” she told Marie Claire.

She insisted, “[Joining the VS Collective] was really about taking my power back and having the power over my body be released to myself again.”

In a New York Time expose last year, the lingerie company was described as a place full of “misogyny, bullying and harassment” and Ed Razek was accused of making lewd comments and inappropriately touching the models backstage.

Ed was reportedly in the room when Bella was being measured before the company’s annual fashion show in 2018. He allegedly said, “Forget the panties.” He then supposedly joked TV network would let Bella walk “down the runway with those perfect” breasts. Rumor has it, he also touched another model’s crotch over her underwear.

He vehemently denied the claims, “The accusations in this reporting are categorically untrue, misconstrued or taken out of context. I’ve been fortunate to work with countless, world-class models and gifted professionals and take great pride in the mutual respect we have for each other.”

Nevertheless, he stepped down from the company.

While Bella hasn’t commented on the alleged sexual harassment, she dissed VS when she switched to model for Rihanna‘s lingerie line. “For me, that was the first time on a runway that I felt really sexy,” Bella previously said. “I was doing other lingerie shows and I never felt powerful on a runway, like, in my underwear.”

Bella Hadid is joined by Hailey Baldwin, Priyanka Chopra, Megan Rapinoe, Naomi Osaka, and more as new ambassadors to help with Victoria’s Secret rebrand.

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