Bill Cosby's Weird Father's Day Messages Really Did Come From Bill Cosby

There was a time when Bill Cosby could go by the title of “America’s Dad,” and most people would agree with that. But then Bill Cosby became an irrefutable monster, and the title couldn’t be stripped off him fast enough. But Bill Cosby lives in a giant pudding cloud of delusion, which apparently means he still thinks he’s got paternity rights over America.

On Sunday the Twitter and Instagram accounts belonging to Bill wished everyone a Happy Father’s Day in a weird  throw-back post about fathers and communities. He posted the following video to Instagram and Twitter, then a follow-up tweet containing a multitude of hashtags like “#FarFromFinished,” and “#AmericasFavoriteDad.”

The clip is from an old CBS Black History Month special, and Bill is talking about how black fathers are systematically broken up from their families. Just some light stuff to go with your Father’s Day waffles. Lots of people saw Bill’s tweet and weren’t sure what was going on, because Bill is supposed to be in prison, and usually your phone gets checked at the door. So who was tweeting from Bill’s account? Well, TMZ says that it was Bill himself dictating what he wanted to say to his rep, Andrew Wyatt. Andrew spoke to TMZ about Twitter’s second most awful moment from this weekend, and he says that Bill called from prison on Sunday night and dictated the whole message over the phone. He apparently does this 3 to 4 times a month, whether it be over the phone or face-to-face.

As for Bill clinging to the title of America’s Dad, Andrew says that people shouldn’t be pissed off; that’s just Bill’s nickname in prison. You’re probably thinking “Sure, Jan,” but TMZ reports that Bill is playing up his father figure role in the big house. According to Andrew, lots of other inmates call Bill “their dad,” and he’s been lecturing on fatherhood about four times a week, for the past three months. Bill works with a group called Man Up, which primarily deals with inmates up for parole.

The lectures reportedly get about 100 people at them, and they’re all about inmates setting a good example for their own children and bonding with their kids when they get out. He also covers topics like how to interview for a job, how to keep said job when they get it, and how to stay clean, drug-wise, when they’re back on the outside. Bill lecturing about staying away from drugs? That’s rich. I joke, but really whoever organizes those Man Up lectures better be ready to cut off Bill’s mic on the day he utters the words,  “Alright fellas, welcome to Relationships With Women 101.


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