'Breaking Bad' Alum Bryan Cranston 'Smells Delicious' Says Co-Star

Bryan Cranston is an actor with an unassuming past who rocketed to superstardom in the past few years. After his career-defining turn as Walter White on the AMC original series Breaking Bad, the performer has gone on to feature in a diverse array of productions, many of them netting him awards. While Cranston has a ton of avid fans who pride themselves on knowing all there is to know about him, few of them are likely aware of a rather obscure factoid – namely, what he smells like. As random as that may sound, one of his co-stars actually had something to say about it.

Bryan Cranston starred in ‘Breaking Bad’ and many other features

Despite Breaking Bad being what many now remember him for, Cranston had been a seasoned actor for many years before the series even aired. From his humble beginnings as a quarterback in the TV movie To Race the Wind, the future Heisenberg played a number of bit parts in film and television. A few notable examples were his multi-episode appearances on classics like CHiPSMurder, She Wrote, and Matlock.

His big break would come in the year 2000 when he landed the main role of Hal in Malcolm in the Middle, his best-known role before Breaking Bad. Though it was primarily a comedy, the series’ focus on character interactions and development allowed him to stretch his acting chops throughout its run. It’s also the role that helped him convince audiences of the authenticity of his transformation in the latter show, though it was ultimately his performance as a villain in an episode of The X-Files that convinced Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad creator and director of that particular X-Files episode) to cast him as Walter in the first place.

Since the downfall of Walt’s meth empire and the end of the show, though, Cranston’s career has only gotten hotter. He’s starred in several movies, like GodzillaTrumboKung Fu Panda 3, and Power Rangers (a deep cut for fans who know he was actually a monster in the original series). He’s also had several parts in TV shows like The Stand and Sneaky Pete. Most interesting of all, however, is his career in theater, his most notable performance so far being President Lyndon B. Johnson in the Broadway play All the Way, a role he’d reprise in a television adaption a few years later.

According to a co-star, Cranston smells great

While preparing for their roles in the film Wakefield, Cranston and Jennifer Garner underwent something called an intimacy course in order to better understand each other in service of playing the married leads. This involved a lot of things, one of which being that they smell each other to learn the other’s scent. In an interview with People, she talked about the experience, specifically just how good he smelled.

“He smells, you know, like Ivory soap,” she said, going on to add that she’d be happy to smell him any time. Putting it as frankly as possible, she also stated that “Bryan smells delicious.” Lucky for everyone, this seems to confirm that Cranston isn’t among the growing number of celebrities who don’t seem to bathe very often.

Other notable celebrity scents

Cranston isn’t the only actor out there who’s been complimented on his aroma. One example is Harry Styles, who many (including his former bandmates in One Direction) say smells like summer and fresh linen. Michael B. Jordan was once described in rather curious detail by a fan he’d met as “Mahogany Teakwood from Bath & Body Works, but better.” To no one’s surprise, Oprah has been noted to smell “like diamonds,” according to James Marsden.

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