Captain Sir Tom leaves fans stunned as he ditches zimmer frame at GQ Awards to go jogging

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Captain Sir Tom Moore won over hearts all over the world with his hugely-impressive NHS fundraising campaign that raised a whopping £32.79 million during the Covid-19 pandemic. Since his incredible charity success that has made him a household name across the globe, he was awarded the Inspiration Award at the 23rd annual GQ Men Of The Year Awards on Thursday evening.

I suppose I got quite good at it. I didn’t want to draw any more attention to myself

Captain Sir Tom Moore

Fans were over the moon for the “legendary” charity mogul, likening him to that of James Bond as he appeared on the GQ red carpet.

The ceremony took place virtually and that meant that the winners could get really creative with the acceptance speeches.

And Captain Tom certainly did that.

The former British Army officer made headlines by walking laps in his garden before his 100th birthday.

This time, he was filmed ditching his zimmer frame and heading off on a jog instead.

The creative spoof actually saw his stunt double run off into the distance, but the elements were too good to pass on.

While videoed doing further laps around his property, he spoke about his achievement: “Ahh yes. The lap around the garden. That’s how it all started, I suppose.

“At first it felt quite hard. But then, when those endorphins kick in, you know it’s hard to stop.”

At this point in the video, Captain Tom abandoned his zimmer frame and was filmed running off into the distance.

“I suppose I got quite good at it. I didn’t want to draw any more attention to myself,” said the star, as his stunt double hobbled on a walking stick while a jogger ran by.

“There was already so much fuss about me in the press. I suppose it’s just when you put your mind to it, the body follows,” the national treasure continued.

By now, his double was climbing a container and pulling out some impressive free running moves as Captain Tom joked: “I wouldn’t call myself a professional. Just pretty good at the whole sports thing.

“Who would have thought it? Running jumps, the occasional flip. Yoga and pilates of course. Just trying to stay fit.

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“Ahh yes and a half marathon win. No big deal. Just luck I suppose. It’s not much really. I’m very much at the beginning.

He added: “I need to work on my backflip. Take up skateboarding. Let’s not get carried away. Baby steps first.”

The charity walk, which soon became an international phenomena that sparked multiple other initiatives of the same nature, has seen the former officer carry out some 700 interviews over the past six-months.

In high demand, Captain Tom received a knighthood from the Queen, a phone call from the Prime Minister, an autobiography, a film adaptation and a late-career promotion from Captain to Honorary Colonel.

Appearing on the cover of last month’s GQ Magazine, the star told the publication recently: “I do appreciate that all the people are wanting to speak to me,” he said.

“I want to speak to them, because what has gone on so far, it’s really outstanding. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.”

It comes after he received a mega 150,000 birthday cards that were sent from fans around the world for his 100th birthday, which he celebrated back in April.

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