Cardi B’s New Song ‘Up’ Will Be Released This Week!

Cardi B has announced some big news!

The 28-year-old rapper has revealed that her new single “Up” is being released this week. The song is going to drop on Friday, February 5.

“My new single “UP” drops this Friday! LETS GOOOOOO! #Up,” Cardi wrote on her Twitter account.

Cardi previously teased the big announcement on Sunday while dressed in just some lingerie.

After announcing the news, Cardi wrote a note to fans about how much she appreciates them.

“I want to thank all my fans and everyone that genuinely support me. I been preparing for this week for over a month. Unfortunately I’m not feeling how I wanted to feel today. I’m very happy that you guys are happy and just know I do this cause ya go so hard for me,” Cardi said. “I’m human and I believe that I’m strong but it’s just too much sometimes. I can’t thank my fans enough for lifting me up and remaining solid it really be too much.”

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