Celeb Lookalikes (& Real Don Cheadle) Star in Michelob Ultra’s Super Bowl Commercial 2021 – Watch Now!

Don Cheadle is spotting all the imposters in the new Super Bowl LV commercial for Michelob Ultra.

The Avengers actor is joined by a handful of celebrity doppelgängers, who look just like their famous counterparts.

Olivia Griffian is Serena Williams, James White is Maluma, and Claudia Alende is Megan Fox in the new commercial.

“It’s sort of a play on what’s real and what’s fake, and how people are fooled by what’s out there,” Don shared about the commercial.

Don‘s own brother, Colin, appears as his look-a-like.

“It’s cool to be able to close it whole circle by bringing my brother on, who has been mistaken for me many times.”

Watch it below!

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