Dakota Meyer Speaks Out: Where Do Things Stand with Bristol Palin?

Many viewers tuned in to MTV last night to watch a pair of fresh faces on the Season 8 premiere of Teen Mom OG.

What early impressions would they get from Cheyenne Floyd and Bristol Palin, these viewers wondered?

Not long into the 90-minute opener, however, it became clear that a different addition to the series was actually the most fascinating individual.

It’s very safe to say there’s been no one in the history of Teen Mom quite like Dakota Meyer.

A former Marine, Meyer received the Medal of Honor after 2009’s Battle of Ganjgal, where he witnessed the deaths of his entire team.

Throughout his scenes on this intense premiere, Meyer spoke openly about the effects of this unimaginable experience and how he continues to suffer through PTSD-like symptons on a near-daily basis.

“My anxiety has been going nuts, it’s been crushing me, I’ve been having nightmares,” Meyer told his wife at one point, explaining that he’s been “seeing my dead guys every morning when I wake up.”

Like we said: truly unimaginable.

Bristol was sympathetic to her then-husband’s plight… but only to an extent.

She admitted on air that she didn’t know what to really do about it; how to help or how to have it NOT negatively affect their relationship.

“It’s hard for me to have compassion in these situations because you keep pulling the rug from underneath me,” she told him, adding that she understands his anxiety, “but it doesn’t justify the things between us.”

The emotional episode concluded with storming away from Bristol after screaming:

“You worry about my killing myself. It’s bullsh-t!”

It’s safe to say we now understand why the couple filed for divorce in August.

Two months after the pair made this decision, where do things stand now?

Us Weekly posed this exact question to Meyer after the premiere aired.

“Our relationship, as far as me and Bristol, is the best it’s ever been,” the 30-year-old told this tabloid, adding:

“Our coparenting has been great. We’re focused on our children and what’s in the best interest of our children and I see nothing that leads me to believe it won’t be better in the future.”

I Keep "Seeing My Dead Guys Every Morning When I Wake Up"

For the record: Palin welcomed her first child, Tripp, with ex Levi Johnston in 2008.

She started seeing Meyer in 2014 and they welcomed daughter Sailor in 2015 … got married in 2016 … and had a second kid together, daughter Atlee, in 2017.

“We’ve got two young girls, and we have to communicate and focus on the girls and do what’s best for them,” Palin told this same magazine last month, expounding as follows:

“I think that our focus needs to just be the girls, and what’s best for them. We gotta get together on the same team, cheering for our girls.”

For all the deserved mockery that Teen Mom cast members receive, there’s nothing funny about anything Meyer has gone through or continues to go through.

Will we keep seeing such a candid and brutal look at someone battling with PTSD?

“I was cooperative with the crew because I’m a real person,” he says in this same interview.

“You get to see everything and I wanted them to get as much as they can as far as what life is like and the real part of it.

“I’m not here to just show my good side, I’m here to show the bad side, all sides of it, so that people can feel like what they’re going through is normal and relatable.”

Concludes Meyer:

“I want people to be able to relate to me and the trials and tribulations and struggles that they could be going through.

“Whether they’re going through a divorce or parenting or whatever it is in their lives.”

Teen Mom OG airs its next episode on MTV on Monday, October 8, at 9/8c.

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