Demi Lovato: I Might Start a Family With a Woman!

Half a year after Demi Lovato’s overdose anniversary, she has had a lot of time to reflect on what makes her happy in her sober life.

Demi is opening up about her desire to start a family with either a man or a woman, and what led her to just recently join a church.

“When I think about what makes me happy today,” Demi Lovato begins in her Apple Music interview for the Grammy Awards.

“When I think of my future for the decade, I think at some point in this decade, i want to start a family,” she shares. “That would be dope.”

“All of this is great,” Demi acknowledges, referring to her career and success. “It’s beautiful and I’m lucky and I’m blessed and I’m grateful.”

“But,” she says, “i’ve learned that clearly, if all of this made you happy, I wouldn’t have ended up where I did.”

“My success does not measure my happiness,” Demi very wisely states.

“And so, when I think about what makes me happy today,” she shares, “I think about my family. I think about my friends. I think about my team,” 

Demi continues: “I think about connections, meaningful connections, meaningful relationships.”

“And I don’t know what that looks like,” she admits. “I don’t even know if I see it with a man or a woman,”

Demi may not know the gender of her future partner, “but I just know that at some point I would love to do that this decade.”

“And if it doesn’t happen this decade, I don’t know, maybe the next,” she admits. “We’ll see.”

“I would like to start doing more things that make me happy,” Demi expresses, “and worry less about success”

That sounds like a healthy attitude — especially if you are already a celebrity worth tens of millions of dollars who can literally afford that kind of self-care.

Demi also speaks about how she was, for a long time, obsessed with goals and career milestones.

That did not give her the satisfaction and sense of contentment that she sought.

“I just know, personally, it doesn’t fill that hole inside of me,” Demi expresses.

She now understands “that only love and appreciation and gratitude” can give her that sense of happiness.

“I love spending time with my family,” Demi gushes.

“Whether it’s time with just me and my mom,” she explains, “or my sisters, when they come over.”

“And that was what was so great about the holiday season,” Demi notes.

“You know another thing that I started doing,” Demi shares, “is I started going to church.”

She characterizes herself: “I was not really a big church person … even a month ago.”

“I shied away from church for many years,” Demi notes.

As she explains, she had good reason for being reluctant, despite being a Christian.

“I didn’t feel welcome,” Demi expresses. 

She adds: “I was also questioning my sexuality.”

“I just found a place out here in LA that accepts me for who I am, no matter whom I love,” Demi reveals.

“And there’s no judgment,” she notes. “And that’s what I needed — a place of no judgment.”

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