Designer Misha Nonoo on New Motherhood amid COVID-19 and the 'Special' Addition to Her ‘Husband Shirt’

Since welcoming her first child amid the lockdown, Nonoo says she’s gone from wearing hoodies and sweatpants to pairing her go-to sweatpants with her Husband Shirt.

“It’s perfect for breastfeeding, you can just pop it on and off,” she says of the oversized design. “I missed wearing jewelry, but it didn’t seem appropriate to wear anything too fancy. I think of these studs as jewelry on your shirt.”

While Nonoo admits that the lockdown period has been “very difficult” for retailers, she manufactures her styles on-demand, meaning that no item is made until an order is placed. This sustainable approach means she’s not sitting on inventory.

“The idea of sustainability is becoming so critical to our generation,” she previously told PEOPLE. “I support people who are talented or creative, but I think you can use your creativity for ways outside of just designing a pretty dress and think about how you impact the industry and the environment at large.”

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