Donald Trump will not pay his respects to John Lewis, who is lying in state

Over the weekend, Congressman John Lewis made his final journey over Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama. Mr. Lewis’s casket was carried by a horse-drawn carriage, and red rose petals covered the bridge, signifying the blood spilled in the Civil Rights Movement, including John Lewis’s own blood on that bridge. On Monday, Mr. Lewis’s casket arrived in Washington, where there were pauses for the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. memorial, the Lincoln Memorial and Black Lives Matter Plaza. Then Mr. Lewis’s casket was delivered to the Capitol, where he will lie in state in the Rotunda in the building in which he served for decades.

It was all very moving and I’ve cried several times watching the footage, especially with the rose petals on the bridge, and the pause on the bridge where Alabama police (on horseback) beat voting rights activists like Mr. Lewis. John Lewis was an American icon, and a global icon of peace and dignity and human rights.

…And Donald Trump doesn’t give a sh-t. Trump says he will not pay his respects to Congressman John Lewis at the Rotunda. Because Donald Trump is a Nazi.

Trump told reporters as he was leaving the White House that he would not go to pay respects to Congressman John Lewis as he lies in state at the Capitol

— Bloomberg QuickTake (@QuickTake) July 27, 2020

Part of me is like “good, we don’t need to see Trump pretend to care.” Part of me thinks that Mr. Lewis’s family already asked Trump NOT to come. But another part of me thinks that Donald Trump is truly incapable of even showing a modicum of respect to one of the greatest Civil Rights figures our country has ever produced.

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