‘Don’t put it up anywhere’ Prince Harry warned Ricky Wilson after taking backstage photo

Prince Harry warned Ricky Wilson not to share selfie on social media

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Ricky Wilson, 43, was joined by Gaby Roslin, 57, as the duo stepped in as hosts on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Virgin Radio. The Kaiser Chiefs frontman has recalled the moment he found himself in a sticky situation with Prince Harry.

The singer and songwriter detailed the moment he and his bandmates met the Duke of Sussex behind the scenes at a gig.

The musician revealed that while Harry, 37, was happy to oblige him in taking a photo together, the royal issued a warning.

Ricky said: “I did a gig once. I was stood in my portable cabin with the band. We share because we were not at that stage yet.

“[Prince] Harry comes in and chats to us for a minute in the portacabin.”

He recalled: “I said, ‘Can I have a picture?’

“And we had a picture taken with Harry and that was brilliant.”

However, the pop star said things took an awkward turn after taking a picture.

Ricky commented: “Just as he was walking away, [Harry] said, ‘Don’t put that up anywhere.’

“I don’t know whether he was joking or not but I have never put it up anywhere.”

The Kaiser Chiefs star admitted he has never posted or shared the photo with the Duke of Sussex.

His co-star Gaby interjected: “I think he wasn’t joking.”

The Kaiser Chiefs frontman then addressed the Duke of Sussex’s attire during their encounter.


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Ricky’s comments come after he and his co-star questioned whether Prince Charles had ever sported casual clothing.

“[Harry] was wearing jeans,” Ricky continued.

Gaby went on: “So today when I meet Prince Charles, face-to-face with him, you want me to find out if he wears jeans?”

Ricky corrected: “No, no. Ask him if has ever worn jeans.”

Gaby explained that she was “really excited” as she was getting to meet the Prince of Wales (October 21) for a special occasion.

She explained it was for the Prince’s Trust charity and the “incredible work they do with young people”.

Gaby added: “We’re going to meet all of the winners of the awards.”

Chris Evans on Virgin Radio airs weekdays at 6am.

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