Drake’s dad wades into Pusha T feud with explosive rant

Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham , has waded into the escalating spat between his son and rapper Push T.

The patriarch shared an explosive rant to Instagram, where he warned haters ‘watch how you speak on our name’ as part of a lengthy post.

His outburst came after the recent beef between the pair was brought up on Wendy Williams’ US Talk show.

While discussing Pusha T’s claims Drake had fathered a secret love child with an ex porn star, Williams said Drake’s ex Rihanna had ‘dodged a bullet’ when she broke up with him.

Following the show, Drake’s furious father Dennis, who used to be drummer for rock ‘n’ roll star Jerry Lee Lewis, vented his response on social media.

"I had come to actually finally like Wendy Williams and watch her show it grew on me," began Dennis.

He continued: "Here’s the game changer, It’s very informative when you listen to a talk host report a story that they’ve actually researched and share it with their audience but this Rupaul Drag Race Queen looking B#+##^ has stepped out of her lane."

Dennis then fired: "You know nothing about Drake or Myself, Do your research before you try and be funny to your 79 capacity audience,Rupaul Jr WATCH HOW YOU SPEAK ON OUR NAME!!!!!!!! I lost all respect for you today !!!!"

The drama between feuding rappers kicked off way back in 2012, when Pusha T accused Drake of using a ghost writer for some of his lyrics.

Drake retaliated by accusing Pusha of over-exaggerating his drug dealing exploits to up his street cred.

This month Pusha dropped The Story of Adidon, he shockingly infers that Drake fathered an illegitamete love child with porn star Sophie Brussaux.

“Sophieknowsbetter as your baby mother/ Cleaned her up for IG but the stench is on her," Pusha raps before blatantly alleging, “You are hiding a child.”

"Adonis is your son / And he deserves more than an Adidas press run, that’s real / Love that baby, respect that girl / Forget she’s a porn star, let her be your world," he continues.

And it doesn’t look like the spat will be disappearing any time soon.

Pusha boasted to Vulture: "My truth was questioned, and I’m gonna deal in truths all summer long."

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