Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Scott, 22, Wants To Be A Famous ‘Influencer’ Like The Kardashians

Hailie Scott has spoken out about her plans after college and they include inspiring as many people as she can through social media and beyond like many popular celebrities today.

Eminem‘s daughter, Hailie Scott, 22, who finished college at Michigan State University (MSU), revealed what her plans are for the future and it looks like she’s ready to take on the world in a big way. The blonde beauty told Daily Mail that she wants to be a famous “influencer” like many of the high-profile celebrities today such as the Kardashians and although she’s not sure exactly how she’ll go about it, she’s already been approached by the people who could get her there. When asked what she was thinking of doing now that school is finished, Hailie admitted she’s still in the planning stages. “I’m not sure yet, it’s kind of up in the air, still,” she told the outlet. “People have been reaching out through [Instagram], as I don’t have any [management].” In addition to management opportunities, Hailie’s been getting offers to do photo shoots. “Not so much [by] magazines, but companies who work with them,” she explained.

With social media influence on her mind, Hailie is already well on her way. She currently has close to one million followers on her Instagram page, where she regularly posts gorgeous photos of herself showcasing her makeup skills. Hailie, who lives in her own four-bedroom house in Detroit not far from where she grew up, also talked about the kind of relationship she has with her dad, Eminem. “We are very close,” she said. She regularly visits her mom, Kim Scott, and her two half-siblings, Whitney and Parker, who live near her.

Although Hailie gave a little indication of what’s going on in her life, she’s known for usually keeping her personal life private. Daily Mail reported that Hailie is in a romantic relationship with Evan McClintock, whom she went to MSU with, and they’ve been dating for more than two years. Unlike her parents’ former tumultuous relationship (Eminem and Kim got married and divorced twice), Hailie and Evan seem to be getting along well. They often spend time together doing normal everyday things such as walking Hailie’s dog Lottie.

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