Emma Watson, Kirsten Stewart and Claire Foy lead 2020 Pirelli Calendar

Is this the ‘wokest’ Pirelli Calendar EVER? Emma Watson, Kirsten Stewart and Claire Foy lead 2020 arty Juliet-themed spread… as the brand continues to distance themselves from topless models and mechanics’ eye-candy

  • The Pirelli Calendar – launched by the tyre giant in 1964 – is synonymous with racy images and nude models 
  • It was in 1973 when the calendar first featured full nudity, with a topless model in a shoot
  • Lara Stone, Kate Moss, Amy Schumer, Lily Cole and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have all stripped off for the racy versions of the calendar, before the shoots began to take a wholly new direction 
  • They were shot by famed fashion photographer Paolo Roversi, 72, for his Romeo and Juliet-inspired vision 
  • Italian-born fashion photographer Paolo selected nine stars to interpret the role of Juliet with actresses and singers from different countries and cultures across the globe executing their very own take on the theme
  • Staunch feminist activists Emma, Claire and Kristen are the new faces (and bodies) of the 2020 calendar  

Pirelli have been distancing themselves from their racy image since 2017, and this year is no exception, with the likes of Emma Watson and Claire Foy fronting the 2020 calendar and giving their own take on Shakespeare’s tale of Romeo and Juliet. 

In the past, the Italian company heavily favoured images of nude models, with Kate Moss, Amy Schumer  and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley among a host of stars who posed naked for the annual tome. 

Now relying on moody shots, an arty finish, and a selection of A-list talent, the 2020 calendar – shot by 72-year-old famed fashion photographer Paolo Roversi – has been deemed the ‘wokest’ version of them all.  

Changing with the times: The likes of Emma Watson and Claire Foy (left-right) are the faces of the 2020 Pirelli calendar as the brand continues to evolve and move away from its racy past in keeping with the more feminist times

Edgy: Kristen displayed her usual androgynous look in the shoot as she glared at the camera in her covered-up look

Emma, 29, and Claire, 35, join Kristen Stewart, 29, Yara Shahidi, 19, Mia Goth, 26, Rosalia, 26, Indya Moore, 24, Chris Lee, 35, and Stella Roversi as the new faced in the edgy forward-thinking calendar. 

The arty spread follows on from Pirelli’s brand overhaul in 2017, when manufacturers claimed to have ‘ripped up the rule book’, with a new feminist overhaul. The inclusion of older models was deemed a step forward. The spread featured Robin Wright, Julianne Moore, Charlotte Rampling, and Helen Mirren (then aged 50, 55, 70 and 71 respectively).

It was in 1973 when the calendar first featured full nudity, with a topless woman in a shoot, and again the following year before it was axed for a decade due to financial constraints. In 1984, it returned in extremely racy style.  

Changing with the times: Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart and Claire Foy (left-right) are the faces of the new look Pirelli calendar, which has evolved in recent years to move with the more feminist times

Changes: Kristen’s brooding shot (left) displayed her androgynous style in a stark contrast to previous calendars (right, Marloes Horst in 2009)

Changing with the times… Emma’s demure take on Juliet (left) is worlds away from previous shoots such as model Marloes Horst (right) smouldering shoot for controversial photographer Terry Richardson in 2009

Shot by famed fashion photographer Paolo for his Romeo and Juliet inspired vision, former Harry Potter actress Emma dons an opulent pink Emilia Wickstead dress and white veil as she poses in a derelict room. 

Speaking of being involved in the project with Roversi, Emma revealed: ‘Paolo is someone I have always wanted to work with. His photos look like these unbelievable paintings. ‘It’s lovely to have the narrative behind the image still. I think that makes it a richer image.’

Kristen also enthused about the venture, expressing that she was a ‘huge advocate’ of the character of Juliet because she was ‘a baller.’ Claire also seemed to share the same sentiments as her fellow calendar girls as she was seen looking stunning while posing with the photographer in a black and white snap.

In another image Yara Shahidi looks undeniably glamorous.

Out and a pout: Gone are the days of scantily-clad models such as Catherine McNeil who was photographed by Terry Richardson

Similarities? The only shot which harked back to the former style of Pirelli was an  image of Indya Moore with no top on

Bookworm: American actress Yara Shahidi, 19, poured over a book while donning a denim jacket for her own shot, while Indya Moore, 24, looked striking and Rosalía, 26, glared into the camera (left-right)

Italian-born fashion photographer Paolo selected nine stars to interpret the role of Juliet for Italian tyremaker Pirelli’s 2020 calendar. The line-up sees actresses and singers from different countries and cultures across the globe execute their very own take on the theme.

 Rolling with it: Photographer Paolo Roversi (left, in January) waxed lyrical about romance when he snapped this year’s calendar – in stark contrast to former photographer Terry Richardson (pictured in 2009) who has been slapped with various sexual harassment law suits 

Speaking of the calendar, which was shot in Paris and Verona over the course of a week in May, Roversi revealed: ‘I am still searching for my Juliet and I will be searching all my life. Because Juliet is a dream.’ 

Emma has previously made her feelings of nudity known as she responded to queries about whether she would strip off on-screen by saying: ‘I’ve been saying since I was 16 that if it’s the right role and important for character development and the story, then of course I’ll do it’. 

In 2016, Kristen filmed a nude scene for French director Olivier Assayas’ indie film Personal Shopper. On going nude she said: ‘I wasn’t apprehensive. I feel super great with director Olivier, as well…

‘The scenes in which I don’t have clothes on or the scenes that seem ‘risqué’ from an outsider’s perspective, there was no acknowledgement on his part. They’re very f**king French…

‘We are weirder about s**t like that. You kind of have to take yourself personally out of it. My feeling about that is that I’m really unashamed. it’s kind of nice to see someone stripped and bare, totally bare. There’s a strength in it.’

In 2018, Claire said of filming sex scenes: ‘If I never had to do a sex scene again, that would be the best thing in the world, because no one in their right mind would enjoy that. You’re worried about what the crew are thinking, whether they’re really uncomfortable, whether you’re uncomfortable.’  

Moving with the times: Li Yuchun, (left) better known by her stage name Chris Lee, is a Chinese singer, songwriter, DJ and actress, who opted for an edgy period ensemble. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley posed nude in 2009 (right)

Wow! Spanish singer Rosalía posed in a corset for the shoot branded Looking for Juliet, which involves actresses and singers of different cultures and countries taking on their take on the Shakespearean protagonist 

Arty: A second picture of the stunning Spanish singer showed her gazing intensely down the camera lens  

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