Fetty Wap’s Baby Mamas End Feud, Send Love to Each Other

When asked whether or not she and Masika Kalysha are ‘cool,’ Lezhae Zeona writes, ‘Thought it would be a cold day in hell before we saw that one but I’m glad it happened.’

AceShowbizFetty Wap‘s baby mamas certainly don’t have the best relationship with each other, but it looks like two of them have decided to bury the hatchet to mark the new year. Lezhae Zeona confirmed on Thursday, January 2 that she and Masika Kalysha had officially ended their feud and even sent love to each other to prove that they are really friends now.

Holding a Q&A session with her Instagram followers, Lezhae received a question that read, “You and Sika cool now ? When y’all kids gonna spend time together?” In response to this, she wrote, “Finally yessss lol .. thought it would be a cold day in hell before we saw that one but I’m glad it happened ..,” calling the “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” alum her “good sis.”

She then tagged Masika’s account and added, “Btw you looked tf goodt on New Years boo… that black dress ?? Yasssss bishh I’m here for it.” Masika noticed the shout-out and wrote back, “Thank you beautiful. Luv u lil sis HNY,” to which Lezhae replied, “Happy New Years boo.”

Lezhae and Masika’s feud dated way back in 2016, when both of them took to Twitter to bash each other. Masika, who was pregnant with Fetty’s child at the time, wrote, “My child’s never coming to the hood to play with yours girl bye,” prompting Lezhae to hit back, “My child’s never coming to the waiting room at the plastic surgeons office to play with yours girl bye.”

She added, “And Masika Michael Jackson looking a** better watch her mouth I know Tf that. I do international pop ups.” Masika didn’t back down and clapped back, “You bums talk s**t about me all day but I don’t say a bums name won’t give uu any fame.”

Masika shares a daughter named Khari Barbie Maxwell with Fetty, who also has two children with Lezhae.

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