Four years after he was fired, Matt Lauer is dating a NYC-based PR executive

It’s only Wednesday and People Magazine had published two different stories about Matt Lauer. While People Mag has always been a go-to outlet for Lauer and his exclusives, I’ve never really understood what People gets out of it. Yes, they’re staying “on the good side” of a credibly accused rapist and serial sexual harasser so that they get those exclusives, but is it worth it? The Lauer story People ran on Monday was about how Lauer’s life has “changed” since he was fired in four years ago (almost exactly) by NBC News:

It has been four years since Matt Lauer was ousted from the Today show. On Nov. 29, 2017, NBC revealed that the former anchor was fired due to a complaint of “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.” Since then, Lauer, 63, has “lost a lot of friends,” a source tells PEOPLE.

“People would check up on him for a while, but that’s stopped to a degree,” the source says. “He just stays to himself, he doesn’t really reach out to people very much anymore or engage them and so he’s been losing touch with a lot of people.”

Lauer’s “lavish lifestyle” also had to change, the source says. “When he left the Today show, he didn’t get paid a penny after he got fired. NBC stuck with that. He’s presumably sitting on mountains of money but then again, he had a lot of money in real estate.”

Lauer was fired one month after sexual abuse allegations against Harvey Weinstein kicked off the #MeToo movement. In the four years since, Lauer has kept a low profile. “He only wants to talk to people who are gonna take his side,” the source says of Lauer. “He still feels like he got railroaded.”

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He did not get “railroaded” and no one has any sympathy for a man who tied up millions of dollars in Manhattan and Hamptons real estate. It’s like we’re supposed to have pity for a poor rapist who isn’t financially liquid!! Jesus. Of course his old friends aren’t checking in with him, he was credibly accused of rape!! He harassed women for decades! His old friends are disgusted. Meanwhile, People’s second story was also a doozy:

In the years since he was fired by NBC over accusations of sexual harassment, Matt Lauer has found romance with PR executive Shamin Abas, a source tells PEOPLE. On Nov. 29, 2017, NBC revealed that a complaint of “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace” had been filed against the former Today anchor.

Four years later, the source says Abas, 52, is “very happy” in her relationship with Lauer, 63. The couple met through work about 20 years ago and remained friends. Following Lauer’s divorce from ex-wife Annette Roque in 2019, he and Abas began dating.

Lauer and Abas both live in New York and spend time with each other between her work travels, according to the source, who adds: “She is a dedicated businesswoman who loves to work. She is independent and has made a nice life for herself.”

The Welsh-born publicist was previously married twice, first to a Detroit-based dentist and then to nightclub entrepreneur Frank Cilione. As for Lauer, the source says Abas supports him “in every way” and that his past does not affect her business.

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A PR executive you say? Perhaps that solves the mystery of why People Magazine published back-to-back stories this week, both of which seemingly feign sympathy for him. Is the new girlfriend trying to rehabilitate his image? I would say yes, but I doubt a competent PR professional would be this ham-fisted. This seems more like People’s attempt to do a “four years later, people still hate this guy” story.

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