Gemma Atkinson apologises after being inundated with fans’ concerned messages after video

Gemma Atkinson shares sweet montage of her dogs

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Former Hollyoaks actress Gemma Atkinson took to Instagram to apologise to her followers after posting a video dedicated to her two dogs Norman and Ollie earlier today. This morning the star, 36, posted a video of her two Cocker Spaniels which started with a sweet snap of Gemma and one of her dogs in the star’s home gym, with the caption: “Best friends over the years”. However, the montage sparked concern among her fans who were worried that something had happened to the dogs to prompt the short film.

Lots of people messaged saying, ‘I hope they’re ok!’, sorry!

Gemma Atkinson

The montage featured pictures and clips of Gemma with Ollie and Norman, as well as with her two-year-old daughter, Mia.

In view of her 1.7 million followers, the model thanked her fans for their concern before revealing that her two pooches are healthy and happy.

Sitting in her car, Gemma said: “Guys, Norman and Ollie are fine!”

Getting distracted, she exclaimed: “The state of my hair – the state of me!”

Going back to talk about her two dogs, Gemma told how she decided to share the video after it came up on her phone.

“They’re fine, it’s just my phone made a really lovely video so I shared it, sorry!” Gemma explained.

The star revealed that the sweet montage caused concern among her followers who were worried that something had happened to the two pooches.

Gemma said: “Lots of people messaged saying, ‘I hope they’re ok!’, sorry!”

“They are – thank God – they’re all good, thank you,” she ended the story.

The former Strictly Come Dancing star went on to share a clip of herself on a dog walk with Norman and Ollie.

Gemma set the video to the song I’m Still Standing by Elton John, as the two dogs happily trotted alongside their owner.

The mother-of-one frequently features her dogs on social media, especially alongside her daughter Mia.

Earlier this year, Gemma told how she feared her beloved dog Ollie had dementia.

Posting to her stories the star asked her followers for advice.

She wrote: “Has anyone on here ever had a dog with dementia?

“Ollie has recently started acting a little off… he’s so energetic & happy but in the evenings he now goes and sits alone outside sometimes for up to an hour.

“He also sometimes just sits & stares… it’s come on over the last month or so & is happening more often,” she added, alongside a sad face.

Following the responses, the model replied: “Thank you guys… Appreciate the replies & glad it’s not just Ollie.

“I guess old age eventually gets us all (if we’re lucky!)” she added.

Norman and Ollie helped to break the news of Gemma’s pregnancy in 2019 when they wore signs around their necks reading “Guess what… Mum’s pregnant! We’re going to be big brothers!”

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