Gigi Hadid Shares Sexy Throwback Pic Wearing Unbuttoned Blouse From Cowgirl-Themed Photoshoot

Gigi shared a sexy throwback photo from a 2014 Guess photoshoot.

Gigi Hadid shared a sexy throwback pic from 2014 that reminds everyone how talented she was as a model even four years ago. The photo is from the 2014-15 Fall/Winter Guess photo shoot, shot by Ellen von Unwerth. Gigi’s hair was styled to give it tons of volume, while a heavy black cat-eye gave her a sultry look. She was wearing a chunky necklace and an unbuttoned western-style blouse with embroidered accents.

Gigi captioned the photo “2014, Nashville, @ellenvonunwerth outtakes x.” Around the time of the photoshoot, Gigi had recently debuted as one of 12 rookie models for the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, according to Sports Illustrated.

Von Unwerth has photographed some of the most glamorous women of modern times. From Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Beyoncé, to Kim Kardashian, she’s known for capturing raw, honest photos of her subjects. In an interview with CNN, Ellen described how when she was a model for 10 years, how the photographers always wanted her to just stand and not smile.

“So when I started to shoot my model girlfriends I did the opposite. I wanted to catch something, a slice of life I always called it. I actually try to make it look like a stolen moment.”

That sort of magic is what’s behind Ellen’s portraits, and it explains why Gigi’s throwback photo has so much allure and mystery.

2014, Nashville, @ellenvonunwerth outtakes x

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Since then, Gigi’s modeling career has taken off dramatically as she’s become one of the most sought-after models around. And now, it’s rumored that Gigi is looking to break into Hollywood with an acting career. But she’s waiting for the “right role,” according to WJLA. She noted her aspirations.

“I get sent roles all the time – the model, the girlfriend. When I get something that’s the opposite of that, I’ll do it. I want to be smart and play characters that I’m really interested in. I’d rather do nothing than a random bunch of cameos.”

This thoughtful approach to her potential acting career is what she’s already applied to her modeling career. Recently, she shared that she would be in the 2019 Pirelli calendar.

“Some of you may know that I got into modeling not first for the fashion, but for the photographers. My heart skipped beats when I found out Albert Watson was shooting [it.],” she said.

NEW @MISSONI by @harleyweir big love and thanks to @missbrunello @gb65 & the whole team x ????????????????

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Gigi has also notably reconnected with on-again, off-again boyfriend Zayn Malik again after a brief two-month break, according to People. It appears that the break was good for their relationship, as they’ve been seen smiling and happy together.

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