Hannah Brown: I Boned Peter Weber So Hard in the Fantasy Suite!

During this ongoing quarantine, Hannah Brown is spending a lot of time in bed.

Case in point?

Check out her latest Instagram photo:

Along similar lines, meanwhile, the Alabama native just opened up for the first time about her many experiences in bed… on The Bachelorette.

Oh, yes, folks: Brown just dished on life inside the Fantasy Suite from back she anchored this beloved ABC franchise just about a year ago.

On Thursday, Hannah jumped on Tik Tok and joked about how she was more nervous for her second “performance” inside this legendary bedroom (with Tyler Cameron) than she was for her first (with Peter Weber).

“When Chris Harrison asks you about fantasy suite week. #bts #thebachelor #learnfromme #foryou #fyp #cardib,” wrote Brown as a caption to this revealing footage.

Brown, who talked openly about her passion for porking as The Bachelorette, then said:

“You know what I was nervous for my second performance, but for my first performance was I like, ‘ah, ah, party with Cardi!’”

Brown shimmied her shoulders and laughed and sort of danced when she said this.

In another TikTok from this week, Hannah used a Real Housewives voiceover to joke:

“I don’t need find love, I love myself,” before pretending to break down in tears and adding:

“I want a man to hold me to want me, to love me to want me to be with me and I don’t know if I will ever find it!”

It’s worth noting she was drinking from a very full glass of red wine during this video.

For those who need a refresher:

Brown first visited Pound Town on The Bachelorette with Peter Weber, famously sleeping with him four times in one night.

She then went to the Fantasy Suite with Tyler Cameron, yet the two said afterward they didn’t actually get it on the physical attraction was already so strong and they didn’t want to base their relationship on sex.

Weeks later, of course, after Brown dumped fiance Jed Wyatt… she and Tyler would give in to their hormones and have a whole lot of intercourse together.

The pair spent a couple weeks in isolation together this spring, too, most definitely exchanging bodily fluids.

These days, however, Brown appears to be single.

And yet: some folks out there wanna see her marry Cameron…. but let’s face it, Bachelor Nation:

Does Hannah sound like someone who’s ready to be tied down?

During her run as The Bachelorette, Brown would often refer to both her religious beliefs and also her enjoyment of romps between the sheets.

“I believe that sex was made for a man and a woman in marriage, but I am having physical relationships and honestly, I have had sex and Jesus still loves me,” Brown told Luke Parker in a memorable quote from her season.

She also wondered aloud later on:

“How dare I be judged by a man?”

Good luck, Clare Crawley. It ain’t gonna be easy for you to follow Brown as The Bachelorette.

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