Inside Sarah Beeny’s 97-room Grade II listed mansion as it sells for £1.4million

Sarah Beeny has sold her 97-room Grade II listed mansion for £1.4million – making her £1m in profit.

The TV property guru, 47, bought the palatial pad in Rise, Yorkshire, for £440,000 in 2001.

It became the star of Beeny's Restoration Nightmare from 2010 until 2013 as she turned the crumbling home into a posh wedding venue.

The house, named Rise Hall, was recorded in the Domesday Book and was once owned by Richard III.

Sara and her husband Graham Swift have now sold their mansion, which is set on 30 acres of land, to a catering company that plans to continue hosting weddings.

The couple got married at Rise Hall in 2002 and went on to have four sons; Billy, 14, Charlie, 13, Rafferty, ten, and Laurie, nine.

And Sarah says she has no regrets about buying the enormous abode.

She told the Daily Mail : "I don't regret [buying] it in any way. I'm really glad we did it because in life you only regret the things you don't do.

"It was in an area that everybody felt would mean it would have no future.

"But when it's standing in 200 years-time it will be because of Graham and I and our 18 years at Rise Hall. That's an amazing thing."

The family are now living on a 220-acre sheep farm in Somerset, where they intend to build a seven-bedroom farmhouse.

But Sarah admits she is nervous about their new adventure.

She added: "When you get older you become more risk-averse because life is comfortable as it is and why rock the boat?

"When I was younger, I was much better at going, 'Yes, take it up.'"

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