Instagram Threatens to Delete Boosie Badazz’s Account Over Racy Instagram Lives

The Baton Rouge rapper previously paid women $25 for getting naked and showing their private parts during the controversial Live sessions, prompting the photo-sharing site to send him a warning.

AceShowbiz -Boosie Badazz (Lil Boosie) has received a big warning from Instagram due to explicit livestreams. The Baton Rouge rapper, who previously paid women to get naked and showing their private parts during the controversial Live sessions, revealed that he wasn’t planning to do another one because of the site’s threat.

“Instagram told me they were gonna take my Instagram if they see any more nudity,” he shared during another Instagram Live broadcast on Wednesday, March 25. “So, I just DMed and hit ’em back in the email and asked ’em if y’all could just dance and shake that a**. You know what I’m sayin’? I’m waiting on that response. So that’s what we waitin’ on for QTP.”

Boosie previously set Internet ablaze after he offered his online devotees some cash if they were willing to strip down to nothing during his Live session. In one of the clips from the Friday, March 20 live broadcast, the 37-year-old star was singing “Quarantine T***y Day” when an unidentified woman showed him her breasts. That wasn’t the only woman who showed him their boobs.

Boosie went even more wilde with him asking his followers to get naked for him. “Put your p***y lips on live & I’ll give you a thousand dollars,” he offered. Someone surprisingly really took the offer and went naked for Boosie.

The rapper later asked the woman’s cashapp for him to send the money. However, instead of the promised $1,000, he was planning only to wire her $25.

Boosie wasn’t the only one who turned to Instagram during Coronavirus lockdown. Prior to this, Lil Yachty held a “talent show” during his Instagram Live, in which he paid people to do some bizarre things. “TALENT SHOW AT 5 PM EASTERN ON MY LIVE WE CASH APP READY SENDING MONEY TO PEOPLE DOIN INTERESTING SHIT CUZ IM REALLY BORED PULL UP,” he announced hours before the livestream.

True to his words, Yachty sent $200 to a fan who shaved his eyebrows off on camera. Other bizarre things the 22-year-old requested his fans to do included eating condoms and deodorant. He also had someone willingly consumed dog food.

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