Its exhausting! Warwick Davis shares voice concerns over filming his new show

Warwick Davis discusses his dwarfism on Loose Women

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Warwick Davis, 51, has shared the experience of working on his new show exclusively with The Hollywood star has recently been working on the animated show Moley, although he did share his regret over one element of the series.

Warwick stars as the lead character in the beloved children’s series all about a collection of moles.

He’s been part of the series since it first began back as a special last Christmas.

The Harry Potter star has admitted he loves being involved but did share one thing he wished he’d known.

Speaking to about how he got involved, he said: “I was asked initially to do a voice for a character in the series called Moley.

“It was a one-off special initially. But James [Reatchlous, creator] devised the idea and he told me that story and I saw some of the rough animations.

“So I did a call and enjoyed it immensely.”

Warwick went on to explain how doing voiceover work for the character was “really fun”.

“You don’t just sit there in a recording booth, you actually act out the performance of the character as well.

“And much of the time the animators will take your movement and base the character’s movement on that as well.

“So I had a lot of fun performing in the booth, the first time and then I saw the special which aired just before Christmas.

“I like this is so brilliant and then said there’s gonna be another 52 episodes, which is this series we’re currently doing.

“I spent most of last year recording these from my home studio.”

However, Warwick did admit performing the role can be “exhausting”.

He added: “It’s a lovely character, although I do wish now I’d chosen a slightly different voice if I’d known I was going to do this much Moley.

“It’s quite a high, high register for me to reach the voice.

“And so it’s quite exhausting when you actually perform hours of recording of this character.”

“It’s a lot of work!”

Elsewhere, Warwick is busy filming the new Disney+ series Willow, based on the 1980s film.

Not much is known yet about the show other than Warwick will be reprising the title role.

He’s also opened up about his ITV show Tenable, and how Sally Lindsay has been helping present it.

The star explained: “Sally stepped in and helped out now because I’m working on another project I can’t talk about at the moment.

“Sally helped out and stepped in recording half the series.

“It’s great because people love Tenable, the very nature of it and it was lovely to know they miss me presenting the show.

“I think Sally did a terrific job, although her puns aren’t quite as bad as mine.”

Moley airs daily on Boomerang UK at 5.30pm.

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