James Gandolfini’s Ex-Fiancee Lora Somoza Died in ‘Terrible Accident’

A friend of the sex therapist reveals that she was found dead in her mom’s pool at 51 years old, the same age the ‘Sopranos’ star passed away of a heart attack in 2013.

AceShowbizJames Gandolfini‘s ex-fiancee Lora Somoza is revealed to have passed away in a tragic accident. The sex therapist died last year, on July 5, at 51 years old, the same age “The Sopranos” actor suffered a massive heart attack that led to his death in 2013.

Lora’s friend Zoe Moon reveals the brunette beauty slipped at her mother Candace’s Los Angeles home, hit her head and was found dead in the swimming pool. “She was at her parents’ house and she slipped, hit her head and drowned in the pool,” she tells The Sun, adding, “Her mother found her, it was horrible. A terrible accident.”

Zoe, who collaborated on podcasts and radio shows with Lora, also details to the news outlet how Lora dealt with her breakup from James. “What happened to her relationship with James was such a sad thing because they were both so in love with each other,” she says.

“They were just madly, insanely in love when they were together. It was like a soulmate kind of thing,” the astrologist further claims. “Even at the end of their relationship, even when they broke up, they were still in love with each other.”

On what led to their split, Zoe shares, “They just couldn’t get past a few things. What they wanted going forward as a team was not the same thing, that’s really what broke them up.” According to Zoe, at the time “Lora was ready to have kids and James was not, so they made an intellectual decision to part ways.”

“The irony was that she went on to be in a relationship where she couldn’t have them and he went on to a relationship where he did,” she adds of her late friend’s failed relationship. “That was just mind-boggling and really, really difficult for Lora.”

“They both had a very short life after they broke up so I wish they could have found a way to stay together,” the friend continues of the former couple. “As wild as she seemed on the outside, I think Lora was very grounding for James. She never stopped seeing him as the love of her life and never stopped loving him.”

James met Lora in 2000 when she was an assistant to the director on the set of his film “The Mexican“. They got engaged in 2003, but called it off in 2005 after she moved away to care for her grandmother, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

James ended up marrying former model Deborah Lin in 2008 after two years of dating. Their daughter was born in October 2012. He also had a son, 22-year-old Michael Gandolfini, whom he shared with his first wife Marcy Wudarski. Michael recently starred as Tony Soprano, the character originally played his late father, in “The Many Saints of Newark“.

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