James Jordan slams ‘younger generation’ over new lockdown rules ‘They want to party’

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James Jordan is regularly outspoken on Twitter and it was no different today as he addressed claims about the UK Government’s latest move to slow the spread of Covid-19. The 42-year-old slammed the “younger generation” for partying during the pandemic and suggested they should be forced to isolate instead.

James caused a major stir on Twitter after the dancer addressed potential plans for over-50s having to stay at home.

In view of his 269,000 followers, he penned: “Although the older you are the more likely you are to get COVID-19, they are now saying over 50’s should shield.

“I believe it’s the younger generation that aren’t taking it serious so let’s make them shield and let the sensible people crack on.”

He finished: “All they wanna do is party.”

People flocked to comment on the post, which gained over 4,000 likes, but there was divided opinion.

One person agreed: “Exactly James. I have worked in school throughout lockdown and it was often stressful and draining. I am now enjoying my holidays. I wear a mask, I socially-distance, I wash my hands and carry antibacterial gel. “Four teenagers get on my bus with not a mask between them.”

“See, I totally agree! There are some people my age that literally are ignoring the restrictions made and they’re moaning about being stuck yet they’re the ones causing it,” another social media user tweeted.

While a third person added: “I’m 52 and I’ve done everything to protect my family. I only go essential shopping after tea time, when the shops are less busy. It’s the majority of the younger generation that are not taking this seriously. “Why should I be penalised and made to stay at home?”

However, other people admitted they didn’t agree with James and said all age groups can be a problem.

“I have to disagree James! I’ve worked throughout lockdown in a shop. We did just fine till the older people were allowed out, now it’s like this pandemic has never happened. The older people aren’t socially distancing, not wearing masks. The younger ones have been great!” a Twitter user remarked.

Another person said: “Please don’t group us all together, I’m 21 and me and my boyfriend have and still are, taking this very seriously. Followed all the rules, worn masks, etc. It’s not always down to age, it’s usually down to individuals. Plenty of older people completely ignore the rules too!”

“Blaming the teenagers is unfair,” a Twitter user added.


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James’ remarks come after reports are suggesting the Government could tell those aged 50 and over to stay at home.

Last week, Boris Johnson postponed the next stage of easing lockdown restrictions which would have seen the return of casinos, bowling alleys, skating rinks, indoor performances and wedding receptions for up to 30 people.

Face coverings will become mandatory in places such as museums, galleries, cinemas and places of worship in England from 8 August, the Prime Minister added.

Elsewhere, James was delighted to become a dad for the first time as he and his wife Ola Jordan welcomed his daughter Ella into the world back in February.

The Dancing On Ice winner and his wife recently spilled on their home life with their baby.

The couple revealed that Ella’s favourite thing to do is to be with the pair of them.

“She likes hanging out in one of our arms,” James told HELLO! “She likes to be picked up all of the time.”

He added: “We’ve only just recently started letting my mum and Ola’s sister hold her and that’s it really.”

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