Jennifer Aniston Reveals the Meaning Behind Her ’11:11′ Tattoo

Jennifer Aniston is letting fans know the significance of her wrist tattoo.

Over the years, fans have speculated what Jennifer‘s “11:11″ wrist tattoo means, believing it to be a tribute to her dog Norman who passed away in 2011, a reference to her birthday on February 11 or that it’s simply her lucky number.

The actress seemingly confirmed the theory that it’s related to her birthday in an Instagram story on Thursday (March 4).

Jennifer posted a photo of her alongside longtime friend Andrea Benewald with the caption, “”Happy birthday to my forever sister from another mister @andreabenewald. 37 years and counting. And the best is yet to come.”

The actress also shared a photo Andrea had originally posted in February which revealed that the pair had matching “11:11″ tattoos.

In the caption, Andrea wrote, “Can’t wait to celebrate and make more magical wishes! 11 11″

Check out the pics inside!

One of Jen‘s friends recently got a tattoo in her honor – click here to see the pics!

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