Jennifer Lopez’s "WAP" Challenge TikTok Is A Sexy Throwback To ‘Hustlers’

Cardi B’s viral "WAP" song has inspired thousands of people to take a stab at trying the steamy dance that’s been circulating TikTok, and, now, Jennifer Lopez is the latest star to do so. J. Lo put her own unique spin on the dance, and her sexy video to "WAP" is taking over the app. The best part of all? Jennifer Lopez’s "WAP" challenge TikTok was a tribute to her role in Hustlers.

Lopez shared the TikTok video on Sept. 13, which just so happened to mark the one-year anniversary of Hustlers hitting theaters. Instead of copying the "WAP" dance most TikTokers have been doing, Lopez got creative. She compiled footage of herself dancing from the 2019 film and put it to music. Not only were J. Lo’s moves perfectly in-sync to "WAP" but some of her moves were similar to the viral dance.

"#WAPchallenge: Ramona Edition," J. Lo tweeted when sharing a link to her TikTok. In Hustlers, Lopez portrayed a character named Ramona who worked as a stripper, and her twerking split in one scene was so fitting for her TikTok clip.

You can see Lopez’s "WAP" TikTok challenge below.

Lopez wasn’t the first star to slay the "WAP" TikTok challenge. Lizzo and her friends uploaded a "WAP" TikTok challenge of their own on Aug. 17 and looked amazing while doing the dance. They may have fallen to the floor in a fit of laughter halfway through, but it was definitely one of the most entertaining celebrity "WAP" videos.

Addison Rae also nailed the "WAP" dance, uploading a video where she perfectly executed every move on Aug. 21. "I had to do it before my mom did," she joked in the caption. Rae wasn’t joking, because her mom Sheri soon uploaded a version of her own.

It was only fitting Lopez used "WAP" to reflect on the one-year anniversary of Hustlers. After all, Cardi was her co-star in the feature film, and girls from the Bronx gotta stick together.

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